Building a home extension


Julie asks:

Hello. We are building an extension to our home. The picture shows the extension with matching siding and shutters. We want to have new siding on the whole house and the extension and I hate those shutters! I love the faux wood look and was thinking we could do faux shingle on the top and the rest would be faux wood siding but I’m not sure how that would look. The brick is in good condition but I’m not sure it would match the new style we are going with. I want to put stone on top of the brick (I was told that is an option but not sure if that is correct). The roof is still in good shape but its colour limits us in what color we can select that siding. We like a khaki/green colour….my roof is not due for another 4 years, perhaps we should redo in black so that it has the same age as the extension. Anyhow, any advice would be welcomed. Thank you!



If indeed you can install faux stone over the brick, I would suggest you pick the colour for that first and then pick a tone from the stone for your wood siding. Most faux stone products have neutral and grey tones in them. If you’re stuck with one that has a brown/neutral tone in it, your roof colour would be just fine. I would suggest you simply replace the brick with the faux stone and continue the stone onto the extension, installing it on the bottom half of the wall on the extension.

Gentek carries a line of faux stone called Versetta Stone. You can view the product at If you were to chose the the Plum Creek colour in the Tight cut profile, a colour like Gentek’s Monterey Sand would look great, and your existing brown roof would still blend well.

Constructing an addition


Joanne asks:

Hi, I have a field stone and we are constructing an addition (garage etc). It will be Maibec board and batten. We are hoping to keep the siding and trim muted so the house remains the focal point. We have chosen Maibec Pepperwood and are struggling with the Gentek trim colour which will be applied to the old house and the new. We are thinking Wicker, or Canyon Clay as we want it to be lighter than the Board and batten. What would be the best trim colour, in your view?



I love your choice of Pepperwood in the Maibec product, my suggestion would be to go with Monterey Sand rather than Wicker or Canyon Clay. I think both of these colour look like they are in conflict with Pepperwood. Monterey Sand blends better with the siding and the stone better than either Wicker or Canyon Clay.