Building a new house in 2017




We are building a new house in 2017. For the rear walkout we want to use gentek double 4.5 Dutch horizontal in the coastal blue-change it up on the upper walls and use coastal blue in the board and batten profile and do a complimentary vinyl shake in all the gable ends. Windows and doors will be white. The question is what colour should we use for the gable shakes as well as the soffit, fascia and trough to compliment.



If you like a more monotone look you could go with Gentek’s Rockwell blue in the gable to give it some depth with a darker colour.  If you would like a contrast look, you could try Gentek’s Monterey Sand in the gables and then go white for the soffit, fascia and eaves to bring it all together.


Renovate the front exterior of our house


Alisa asks:


Hi! We are going to renovate the front exterior of our house. The cream coloured stucco (on the sides and back of house), the white vinyl windows/trim and the beach wood Mystique 42 shingles will remain unchanged. We are wanting to replace the brick columns on either side of garage door with Versetta Stone, Plum Creek Ledgestone and replace the wood siding with horizontal Gentek Sequoia vinyl in Drift Wood. We are getting new soffit/fascia/eaves in white and will likely paint the front doors and garage door. The problem is our local suppliers have such small sample colours to look at that we aren\’t sure if the stone will go with the siding (and if they will go with the rest of the house)?? We were also considering Espresso, but thought it would be too dark and Wicker which we thought would be too light. We are open to any suggestions.


Alisa 1 Alisa 2 Alisa 3


Dark Drift would be my choice for the siding but I would like to suggest you go with a more neutral colour like Almond or Monterey Sand for the soffit, fascia and eaves.  You have created such a warm look with the stone and siding, the white would look to stark for me.  I know the windows are white and that is fine but you are adding too much white when you use it for the soffit, fascia and eaves.

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Change our exterior of house but keep to the style.


Tracey asks:

We would like to change our exterior of our house but would like to keep to the style of the house. The old brown cedar shake is very weathered and the almond colour aluminum siding maybe ok if cleaned up. So we might keep the almond siding and just redo the shake with a vinyl staggered shake. The company we are getting to install the shake has given us the colour options in the foundary traditional collection or gentek can make the shake in their colours. My original colour I chose was russet in the traditional collection but they don\’t offer it anymore. My next option I\’m leaning towards is midnight surf, if gentek can do it. I don\’t always like to follow the norm lol but would really appreciate your opinion or any suggestions.

Tracey 1 Tracey 2 Tracey 3Answer

Midnight Surf and Almond would look great on your home, but it you could paint the Almond a bit of a darker colour like Gentek’s Monterey Sand or even Pebble, it would give it even more of a modern unique look.   A slightly darker colour would blend well with the colour of your roof and the stone on your home to give you a finished look.  You can get Foundry Shakes in a match to Midnight Surf.

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Total Renovation


Paige asks


We are totally renovating a 70s double wide. I have uploaded a picture of what it will look like when it is done. The trims eaves facia and soffit will all be white and we are putting some sort of timber accent in the gables. I\’m wondering if you think windswept smoke in a shake in the gables will look good with midnight surf board and batten for the rest of the house. If you have any pictures of homes that have put those 2 colours together could you send them to me ? Thanks!


Paige 1



I love the combination of Windswept Smoke and Midnight surf together.  Unfortunately we do not have any images of homes with these two colour together.  The only suggestion I would have for your home is that you do not use white for the soffit and fascia, I would suggest you try Almond or Montery Sand.  The white creates a drastic contrast that I do not really take to.  My picking a colour like Almond or Monterey Sand, the earth tones all come together and will blend well with the the timber accents.  When you complete the home, we would love to see the finished product for our other readers to see.


Up dated siding on 50 year old home


Kerry Ann asks:


I purchased this 50 year home and would like to update the siding. It is 36\’ X 28\’ and is very plain looking. It is located in an area where most of the houses are about the same age, same size and similar finishing. I was told that it would not make a big difference in the value of the home if I were to expensive siding (Goodfellow or Canexel). I was told vinyl would be the best choice, especially since it requires less care than wood. I looked at the 4 options you have on your website (Driftwood, Concord, Fair Oaks and Sequoia) and was wondering what you think the best option would be for me. I will be adding 2\” of styrofoam insulation. I like the colour Maize and thought that the Double 4\” would be suitable. Someone suggested to go with white corners and soffit, etc. What do you suggest?


Kerry Ann 1 Kerry Ann 2 Kerry Ann 3Answer:

Sequoia Select is Gentek’s top line of vinyl. It’s greater thickness lets it sit on the wall better and look cleaner.  Vinyl siding is the low maintenance option for your home for years to come.  As for matching to Maize, white would give you a traditional look but if you went with something like Almond or Monterey Sand for your soffit, fascia and eaves, you would get a more modern look.


Replacing wood siding


Matthew asks:

I am looking to replace the wood siding. I was thinking of vinyl board and bat. But open to any suggestions.


Matthew 1 Matthew 2



The use of Board and Batten would definitely give the home a different look, but I think it would be a good look.  I would suggest that you go with something a little lighter than the dark brown.  Gentek’s Monterey Sand would give you a different look for your home and lighten it up a bit.  If you like the darker tones, I would suggest you try Gentek’s Espresso colour which is a deep rich brown tone, but my first preference is still for the lighter colour, Monterey Sand.

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What colours would work well with a tan roof?


Sonja asks

We need to reside our home but we cannot figure out how to put the colours together, especially with a tan coloured roof. We were thinking blue siding and then black shutters, or maybe a timeless classic look. All our neighbours sidings are beiges, and whites, we would like something different. Can you help us out please?


Sonja O 1 Sonja O 2 Sonja O 3


My first suggestion for your home would be Gentek’s Mountain Arbour colour which would look great with your tan roof. I would trim out the home in Pebble or Monterey Sand to create a modern look.  If you are still looking at blue as an option, I would suggest Gentek’s Rockwell Blue with either Pebble or Monterey Sand as the trim colour.  Either of these colours would give you a modern look that would distinguish yourself from your neigbours.


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Revamping Exterior



Eva asks:


Good morning, I am in the process of re-vamping the exterior of my house. It is very difficult to picture a style since my windows were changed to very modern black windows. In the picture you will notice that there are two spaces that come out, I was thinking of a dark color for the “inside“ and a fake wood grain brown for the part “sticking out“. As you can also see there is red brick surrounding the lower part which we intend to keep (clean of course) and the front windows of the house, there are reddish tiles which we plan on covering with the aluminum. And the garage door on the left, we want to paint it black. We are looking at about 2500 sq ft. The first picture is the house and the others are an example of the brown I think would look nice.


Eva 1 Eva 2


I would suggest that you go with a darker colour on the parts that stick out and then a lighter colour on the inside parts as is in your example picture.  If you go with both a dark on the inside and outside it will look very dark.  For the outside parts I would suggest a product called Sagiper that comes in a variety of wood grain type colours.    I would then go with a lighter colour closer to Gentek’s Monterey Sand which is neutral but not a cream colour.  You could then for sure, paint your garage door black.  All of these combined would give you the look you are desiring.


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Donna B. – Wondering About Some Versetta Stone for Accent


Donna asks,

We are changing siding and wondering about adding some versetta stone for accent but not sure where to place it. I can’t seem to find many samples of a simple bungalow. Also, we just had windows replaced and shingles are only a couple years old so kind of tied to the browns which I’m a little disappointed about. I was wondering if your design software would give me an opportunity to try different options.

Donna B.


If you wanted to add some Versetta Stone to your home, I would install it at the bottom of the home, up to the bottom of the windows. From there I would install Gentek’s vertical Board and Batten siding to create some height on the home. There are many colour combinations you can use to incorporate the white windows and brown roof. I would suggest something like the tight cut profile in Terra Rosa for the Versetta Stone and then use Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Juniper Grove in the Board and Batten siding. You could then use Monterey Sand or Canyon Clay as the accent colour to tie it all together. This would create a clean look for the home.

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Colour suggestions for siding


Kerry and Stephen ask:

We are planning on removing the brick and re-siding our house and are thinking of choosing Dark Drift siding with white trim/soffit/eaves. We are wondering if you can suggest a colour and a style for the accents (i.e. gable ends). We are also considering changing the pillars with rock work at the bottom with tapered columns at the top. Do you have any other suggestions for this farm house in Alberta?

Kerry and Stephen


Dark Drift and white are going to create quite a contrast. Might I suggest that you replace the white soffit, fascia and eaves with a colour more like Monterey Sand or Sandstone if you would like to use a lighter colour. In the gable, I might suggest that you go with a Board and Batten profile or a shake profile to add some dimension to the home. If you are removing the brick, you will want to add in some other texture or dimension to give some “pop” to the home. For the pillars, using a stone at the bottom, would definitely add some dimension to the home. I would make the stone go up about a 1/3 of the way, and paint the rest of the pillar the same colour as the trim for your home. My last suggestion would be to paint the garage door the same colour as your siding. You do not want the garage door to be the main focus of the home, so by painting it the same colour as the siding, it will blend into the home. If that is too dark for you, you can paint it the same colour as your trim.