A More Modern Look


Andrea asks:

We would like to replace all our windows and give our house a more modern look at the same time. We would like your suggestions regarding the following items: 1. Window colour: maize or commercial brown? Maize would be similar to the windows we have now, but commercial brown would give more punch. We really like that colour, but does it go with the brick colour? 2. Window style: colonial or modern? Since the house was built in 1984, would a modern style be appropriate? We like it better than a colonial style. 3. Door colour: I would love to have a door that has some punch. If the windows were in commercial brown, what colour should we pick for the door? Burgundy (see picture 2)? We also like blue. 4. Shutter colour or removal: If the windows were in commercial brown, removing the shutters would give a modern look to the house (see picture 2). However, if we want to keep them, what colour should we choose (other than brown)? Thanks!

Andrea1 Andrea2


I think that the commercial brown windows look great with the brick. You could also consider something like Pebble if you wanted. Commercial brown will give you the “pop” that you are looking for though. As for the door, I would like a red door rather than Burgundy. I think the red will give a traditional look and will blend better with the brown windows and brick. Burgundy would have more of a pink tone to it.


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Erin – New Windows and Siding Needing to Be Replaced


Erin asks,

We’re embarking on a full kitchen/living room renovation which has crept outside with new windows and siding needing to be replaced. We’re in a classic 1970’s side split that is in desperate need of a facelift. We’re having trouble deciding on a few things and would love your input.

1. Siding style – Do we keep the Board/Batten or move to a horizontal? The entire back of the house is siding so whatever we choose will continue through the back.
2. Colour – HELP! We’ll be painting the brick and garage door and having trouble deciding what colour combo to do. The painter has all the Gentek colour options available. We don’t want to keep it light and love the idea of Iron Ore and our neighbour’s house is a really nice green stucco so want to stay away from anything with a green tone.
3. Windows – Depending on the colour, do we do tone on tone or white?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. I told my neighbours I was going to do a poll around the neighbourhood so everyone else could decide!

Erin 2 Erin 1


I would suggest that you don’t paint the brick, it has some great tones in it. I would pair the stone with Gentek’s Windswept Smoke in a vertical profile, and then replace the windows, soffit, fascia and eaves with Gentek’s Pebble colour. There are both grey and brown tones in the brick which would look good with both of these colour. Windswept Smoke, is grey, but it does have some brown undertones to it. Pebble and Windswept Smoke too great when put together. Very modern looking.

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Magali-Anne – We Would Like to Replace our Doors and Windows


Magali-Anne asks,

Good evening. We would like to replace our doors and windows, as well as change the colour of our exterior siding. We hope to modernize the look of our home and at the same time add more contrast (darker windows, lighter siding). We are also planning to cover our front door with a more vibrant colour.

Magalii1 Magali2


To update the look of your home, I would suggest you go with Pebble windows and siding and then go with a Black or Dark Grey door. Replacing the dark brown will give you the modern look you desire.

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