What colours would work well with a tan roof?


Sonja asks

We need to reside our home but we cannot figure out how to put the colours together, especially with a tan coloured roof. We were thinking blue siding and then black shutters, or maybe a timeless classic look. All our neighbours sidings are beiges, and whites, we would like something different. Can you help us out please?


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My first suggestion for your home would be Gentek’s Mountain Arbour colour which would look great with your tan roof. I would trim out the home in Pebble or Monterey Sand to create a modern look.  If you are still looking at blue as an option, I would suggest Gentek’s Rockwell Blue with either Pebble or Monterey Sand as the trim colour.  Either of these colours would give you a modern look that would distinguish yourself from your neigbours.


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