Jasmine – Redo the Siding on our Home


Jasmine asks,

Hello. We would like to redo the siding on our home. We aim to keep the pink brick and the brown asphalt shingles, while replacing the vinyl. We would like to install some horizontal vinyl siding; but which colour? Could we please see what it would look like with the following colours: Mist Blue 126, Rockwell Blue 637 and Midnight Surf 652?

Jasmine 2Jasmine mockup 2 Jasmine mock up


Out of the colours you have suggested, my recommendation would be the darker Midnight Surf. Mist Blue was discontinued many years ago, so it will not be an option. We have mocked up one of your shots with the Rockwell blue and Midnight Surf. My first choice is Midnight Surf. The darker richer colour gives it more of a modern look.

Your closest Gentek Renovator is G. Belanger Construction. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Materials for home exterior


Lindsay asks:

Hello, We are building a house this spring and going with Lyons Timbermart for materials. As you are a supplier with them, we are interested in your products. Our house will be located in the country so we are looking for a country look to the home. I like different textures, such as cedar shake accents and stone veneer siding for the bottom. I also like the look of navy blue siding with white trim but am open to ideas. I attached a picture of our house drawings. We were planning on building a log home but now we are going with siding. Do you have any tips or ideas for us? Thank you, Lindsay


I love the idea of using a dark blue colour. I would suggest you go with a stone product like Gentek’s Versetta stone product in the tight cut profile in Mission Point.   http://www.boralamerica.com/stone/versetta-stone/tight-cut/vs-tc-graphite. Mission Point has grey tones that would blend well with the Midnight Surf. I would chose Midnight Surf in the Cedar Shakes that you desire and trim it out in Gentek’s Storm. This would give a warm country feeling to the home. If you would still like to trim out in white, with white windows, this would also look good with the Midnight Surf.

Your closest Gentek contractor is Home Siding Shop Inc. Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

Colour suggestions for siding


Herb asks:

What colour of siding would you use on our home? The windows are Storm and the front door will be black. We are not interested in a light colour like white as it was white before we started. We are looking for a different look.



I have two suggestions for you.  If you want a more monotone look to your home, I would suggest Gentek’s Windswept Smoke. It is darker and has a brown tone to it which will look good with the grey tones in the Storm.  If you would like some more colour and a bit of contrast, I would suggest Midnight Surf. The blue tones in Midnight Surf will look great with Storm and create a very modern look for your home.

Your closest Gentek contractor is Mike Bovens Carpentry. Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

Colour for eavestroughs, soffits and windows


Dave asks:

I have to have my eavestroughs replaced. They’re currently black against the grey roof and light grey brick (porch area is same color, it just shows darker because of shadow). I may replace the soffits and window caps at the same time because they are all faded. What color should I go with? Is black really my best choice?



I would say that my first choice for your home would be black, but if you wanted to go with something different you could go with a mid range grey colour as well. I might suggest Gentek’s Storm, Slate or Midnight Surf instead of black.



Suggestions for siding colour


Tony asks:

Which Harbor Pointe siding color(s) would you recommend for this home style? Thank you kindly.



Tony, first of all I would like to tell you that Harbor Pointe Siding is not sold in Canada, this is a US brand. In Canada, Gentek carries both the Foundry Siding or Novik products (www.foundry-siding.com or www.novik.com).  Both of these brands carry matched to Gentek’s most popular colours. When it comes to colour, personal preferences will always be the final decider, but my suggest would be to go with darker bolder colours like Gentek’s Moonlit Moss, Midnight Surf or even Windswept Smoke. For this style of home, I think it looks best when you use white as the trim/accent colour to create that contrast with the darker richer colours.

Choosing siding colour


Nonia asks:

What colour siding would best compliment this house? I will be using all white trim. It’s showing a grey but  Icannot go with this colour for the house next to me is grey. Thanks for your help!



Darker richer colours are very popular right now, and if grey is not an option, how about a dark green or a dark blue. Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Midnight Surf would look good with the white trim and your grey toned roof.  ( Insert image from our pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/gentekcanada/vinyl-siding/ and https://www.pinterest.com/gentekcanada/vinyl-siding/).

If darker colours are not your thing, you could go with a more neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble seen here:


Choosing siding colour


Jolene asks:

This is our house and we are hoping to redo the siding this year but we are stuck on finding the right colour. I was thinking of a vinyl siding everywhere, along with a wood type fancier siding at the top of the front windows. Any suggestions on colours? Something for a good resell value too.



If you like grey tones, I might suggest that you go with Gentek’s storm or even Midnight surf, this would go well with the blue door you are considering. If you go with Storm you could definitely keep the white trim colours or add in Sable as your trim colour. This combination would suit your style of home but give it a more modern look.