Building a house by ourselves


Karine asks

Hello. We are currently building a house by ourselves and are about to start on the exterior siding. We are hesitating between vinyl and engineered wood. Colour will be the major influence on our choice. We are looking at a grey house, a rather dark grey, like Midnight Surf. A “granite” grey, not a light grey. We have an IKO Charcoal Grey roof and white doors and windows. In the front, we will have four white Craftsman-style square columns, on charcoal grey-coloured, almost black, brick bases. The areas where we are finding it difficult to make up our minds are the trim on the doors and windows and the soffit. I would like to repeat the charcoal grey colour of my brick by using it also on my door and window trim, as well as on the ventilated soffit. The rest of the capping would be white. I’m still unsure, as I notice the opposite, black window and white trim, is often done. This is holding me back. What do you suggest? All white or should I take a chance on something else? Thank you for your help.

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My suggestion would be to go with the white windows and grey trim, either Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore. Midnight Surf has a blue undertone to it that I think will look a little off. You could also go with black on your window trim and soffit and go with a dark grey door. I would stick with the white windows so the house does not get too dark.


Options for siding


Patricia asks:


Good afternoon! I just saw this wonderful offer on your website as I looked through the options for siding for our new home. I am hoping for design tips and suggestions from someone who know what they are doing (unlike me!). Our last home had Gentek siding in Pebble and we were very pleased with the product. Without hesitation, we started looking at your siding for our new-to-us home. We purchased this little house (c. 1975) two months ago and it – as well as the garage – desperately need a facelift. I\’ve been getting quotes on installation but haven\’t been able to decide on a colour that would go well with the existing light grey roofing shingles. I am not certain what brand they are, but it would be similar to the IKO Marathon Dual Grey. Along with the siding, we are getting the soffit, fascia, and eavestrough replaced. The windows are newer triple pane inserts and I was planning on having the cladding around each changed to white to match the new soffit and fascia. The house is approximately 26\’x44\’. The peaks would be about 15\’ from the ground. Our closest neighbours home is sided with something that looks like the colour Storm. Their house is only about 8\’ away from ours. If, by chance, you have any suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate it!


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You have many options with the Grey roof and white soffit, fascia and eaves.  Pebble that you liked so much on your previous home would look great.  You could also go a bit different and go with a darker colour like Gentek’s Midnight Surf or Moonlit Moss which will look great with the white and grey as well, look different than your neighbours home.  I might also suggest you try a vertical siding like Gentek’s Board and Batten to give the home a different look.  The vertical siding would give the home a greater sense of height.


Vertical or Horizontal


Sébastien asks:


We were thinking of blue siding on our home, either vertical or horizontal, with the bottom portion either in another colour or in the opposite siding orientation or in wood shingles. White detailing and a red door.




I like the idea of two different siding types of the home. I would suggest a vertical siding on the lower portion of the home and then go with a perfect shake for the top portion of the home.  I would suggest a slightly darker colour on the bottom portion like Midnight Surf and then the shakes in Rockwell Blue to add some contrast. Along with the white red door and white detailing, your home would look great.

Replace our fascia, eavestroughs, and downspouts


Tami asks:


We are planning to replace our fascia, eavestroughs, and downspouts and possibly add shutters to the two second-floor windows in front. We also plan to replace the garage door and paint the front porch. We are leaning strongly toward Wedgewood Blue wherever possible, tying in with a similar paint colour for the insets and top molding on the porch columns (keeping the rest white). But we are stuck for now with our \”manila folder\”-coloured siding and brown roof. Could a dark or muted (not bright) blue work with the existing siding and roof? We realize dark brown would probably be easiest, but we are very partial to blue and would like to make it work somehow. Thanks for your thoughts.

Tami 1 Tami 2Answer:

I like the idea of colour and the blue tones would work well on your home. I would suggest either Gentek’s Midnight Surf or Rockwell Blue for the siding and then replace the soffit and fascia with a more neutral tone like Pebble to make it blend with your brown roof.  This would give you a great modern look using your preference for Blue.

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Change our exterior of house but keep to the style.


Tracey asks:

We would like to change our exterior of our house but would like to keep to the style of the house. The old brown cedar shake is very weathered and the almond colour aluminum siding maybe ok if cleaned up. So we might keep the almond siding and just redo the shake with a vinyl staggered shake. The company we are getting to install the shake has given us the colour options in the foundary traditional collection or gentek can make the shake in their colours. My original colour I chose was russet in the traditional collection but they don\’t offer it anymore. My next option I\’m leaning towards is midnight surf, if gentek can do it. I don\’t always like to follow the norm lol but would really appreciate your opinion or any suggestions.

Tracey 1 Tracey 2 Tracey 3Answer

Midnight Surf and Almond would look great on your home, but it you could paint the Almond a bit of a darker colour like Gentek’s Monterey Sand or even Pebble, it would give it even more of a modern unique look.   A slightly darker colour would blend well with the colour of your roof and the stone on your home to give you a finished look.  You can get Foundry Shakes in a match to Midnight Surf.

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Adding an Addition


Daniela asks:


Hello, We are adding an addition to our home – over the garage, two dormers on either side of the existing dormer, and a front porch. We will be replacing the roof, siding, windows, eaves, fascia and soffits. We\\\’ll also be replacing the garage door and front door (and adding a front porch with columns). We will be keeping our red brick. The house will have horizontal siding (rather than what is pictured on the drawing) and shakes in the peaks of the dormer/front porch (as pictured). We are leaning towards Gentek Midnight Surf for the windows/eaves/fascia and grey siding (Benjamin Moore – Deep Silver), however, we are still undecided – would love to hear what you think about these colour choices. I am open to hearing alternate colour options as well. Thanks so much!


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I must admit, Midnight Surf would not be my first choice for our windows, soffit, fascia and eaves.  I would lean more towards a dark grey colour like Gentek’s  Windswept Smoke for your windows,soffit and fascia and then with a darker grey for your  siding – one similar to Gentek’s Iron Ore.  Midnight Surf has grey tones to it, but I think up against the red brick, it might look too blue.  If you were looking for another accent colour, you could work in a colour similar to Gentek’s Pebble.  This could be used for the front porch or columns.



Total Renovation


Paige asks


We are totally renovating a 70s double wide. I have uploaded a picture of what it will look like when it is done. The trims eaves facia and soffit will all be white and we are putting some sort of timber accent in the gables. I\’m wondering if you think windswept smoke in a shake in the gables will look good with midnight surf board and batten for the rest of the house. If you have any pictures of homes that have put those 2 colours together could you send them to me ? Thanks!


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I love the combination of Windswept Smoke and Midnight surf together.  Unfortunately we do not have any images of homes with these two colour together.  The only suggestion I would have for your home is that you do not use white for the soffit and fascia, I would suggest you try Almond or Montery Sand.  The white creates a drastic contrast that I do not really take to.  My picking a colour like Almond or Monterey Sand, the earth tones all come together and will blend well with the the timber accents.  When you complete the home, we would love to see the finished product for our other readers to see.


Diane – I Want to Update the Look of a Home We Have Just Purchased


Diane asks,

I want to update the look of a home we have just purchased. I want to remove the cedar shrub covering the front entrance and large tree. The roof is metal and I would like to paint it a Gentek colour (I am leaning towards coastal blue). I would like the new gutter system to be the same colour as the roof. I would like to replace the vinyl siding and would like suggestions on a colour, that would tie in with the blue roof and gutters. I want to update the rancher into a cute cottage feel.

Diane 3 Diane 1 Answer:

Coastal Blue is a brighter colour and if you paint your roof that colour, people’s eyes are going to be drawn to the roof. I am not sure if this is what you want. If you want to go with a blue roof, I would go with something more like Gentek’s Midnight Surf and when you can go with a bolder siding colour to give you the cute cottage look. I might even suggest you paint the roof a darker grey and then use Coastal Blue for the siding with white trim and windows. This would definitely give you the cute look you are going for. If you are going to stick with Coastal Blue on the roof, I would go with something neutral on the home like Canyon Clay or Wicker for the siding. Along with the white trim you would get the desired affect.

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Nikita – Interested in Updating My House with a New Siding Colour


Nikita asks,

I have attached a picture from Google Maps as I do not have a clear image of my home at this moment. I am interested in updating my house especially with a new siding color. I have not yet pinpointed any colors that I have in mind; however, your expertise on a color that would look great would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your response. Thanks so much.



If you are looking to keep the windows the same, beige or cream colour, I would suggest maybe Gentek’s Moonlit Moss of Juniper Grove. The green tone will look great with the beige/cream windows as well as the eavestrough and trim colour. You could also try a colour like Midnight Surf if you are keeping your blue door. You have a lot of colour options with the beige/cream windows, it is a matter of going with your colour tastes. Dark colours will give a modern and fresh look to your home.

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Colleen – We Have Chosen to Side Our House


Colleen asks,

We have chosen to side our house in your product midnight surf. I was thinking about doing the peaks of the house in either a contrasting colour or in a different style or product such as shakes. I am worried about highlighting the peaks due the off centre of the garage doors and windows. The front rock is tyndall stone which is a light beige or sand colour. The rock is staying. We are planning on contrasting the dark colour with white trim but if you have other suggestions that would be appreciated.

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I like the choice of Midnight Surf, but I would chose Almond as the trim colour. Almond will blend well with the stone but create a rich look with the dark Midnight Surf. As for the gables, I like the idea of using shakes in the gables, but I would stick with Midnight Surf. Going with a different colour would break up the house and make it look shorter. Keeping the same colour will give some illusion of height, but the shakes would give it some additional texture.

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