Nikita – Interested in Updating My House with a New Siding Colour


Nikita asks,

I have attached a picture from Google Maps as I do not have a clear image of my home at this moment. I am interested in updating my house especially with a new siding color. I have not yet pinpointed any colors that I have in mind; however, your expertise on a color that would look great would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your response. Thanks so much.



If you are looking to keep the windows the same, beige or cream colour, I would suggest maybe Gentek’s Moonlit Moss of Juniper Grove. The green tone will look great with the beige/cream windows as well as the eavestrough and trim colour. You could also try a colour like Midnight Surf if you are keeping your blue door. You have a lot of colour options with the beige/cream windows, it is a matter of going with your colour tastes. Dark colours will give a modern and fresh look to your home.

Your closest Gentek Renovator is Cormack Builders Limited. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Exterior colours for cottage reno


Christie asks:

Hi there. We are renovating a cottage and like the colours of the middle picture attached. We are not sure whether we want to go vinyl? Can you tell us the colours of your products that would match this picture most closely in vinyl and other suitable products? Both for the siding and trim. Thanks!


If you are looking to recreate the look of that home, I have two colour combinations that I think would get you this look. The first one is Moonlit Moss siding with Almond Trim, the second one is Windswept Smoke and Almond Trim. Juniper Grove has a more green undertone to it, but it would also look close to this home with the Almond trim.

Your closest Gentek contractor is Rick MacDonald SidingLet them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.