Dawn has a question about siding.


Dawn asks

We are having our siding, soffits, fascia, eavestrough done by Thomas Tellier here in Sarnia. I was wondering if I could send you a picture of the house that has siding colours we like and you could tell us what we need to use for everything. We wanted the house to be venetian red with all trim soffit facia and trough Autumn gold it is not available in vinyl for soffits, corner pieces etc? Please tell us what to use to get us a close to that as possible. We also considered green with cream trim but couldn’t find a dark enough green siding colour.

Dawn K



Gentek does have a couple of colours that would work with the Venetian Red – Amber or Harvest Wheat – but neither are available in vinyl soffits, but Harvest Wheat is available in aluminum soffit. If you wanted to stick with vinyl soffit, I might suggest you go with Gentek’s Almond colour instead.


These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them.

Sarnia Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd.

Susan O. – I Am Having Difficulty Choosing Colours


Susan asks,

I am having difficulty choosing colours. The entire house is being re-done. Soffits, facia, eaves and siding. The 1 & 3 are my house. The #2 photo is the look I am trying to achieve. Also do you think this is a good look for my house? (Windows are staying). Trim is going to be 4″ wide around all windows and doors. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP with the colours?

Susan 1 Susan 2 Susan 3


I think the colour combination you have chosen would look good on your home. If you chose Gentek’s Amber or Harvest Wheat for the siding and then Mountain Arbour for the soffit, fascia, eaves and trim, you will achieve the desired look. This colour combination will work with your existing roof colour as well. Your white windows will work with this colour combination as well.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are R.A. Boucher & Sons, Herman’s Aluminum and Roofing Products‚ Ltd., and Marlad Roofing & Siding Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Choosing colours for soffit, fascia, gutters and garage


Melissa asks:

We have chosen the stone for our house, Arriscraft – Everest (product) in Oakwood (colour). We have yet to choose the colour of the soffit, fascia, gutters and garage – although I am thinking it would all be the same colour, in the tan range? And the roof will be a darker hue (we’re getting a steal shingled roof. Front door and porch posts will be wood stained. A copper accent will go above the garage window (far right). I have attached a drawing of the front of the house. The sides and back will be a rustic brick that matches the stone front. Thank-you in advance!


I would agree that you stay with a neutral tone for your soffit and fascia. You have a lot of different types of material and colours on the home. I would chose Gentek’s Harvest Wheat as your soffit, fascia and eaves colour. It will blend very well with the stone and brick you have chosen and also with the copper above the garage door and the stained front doors. It is a nice neutral tone but it has enough colour to it to add to the look of the home.

Your closest Gentek contractor is Brant Windows Inc.Peter Van Egmond and Sons and Quality Exterior Systems Inc. Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

Choosing colours for a new build


Bailey asks:

I would like help choosing a color for our new build. We think we like yellows. We will have a dark red metal roof which is already ordered. I could use your help. We think we want it to look like cedar siding, possible 7 inch exposure. The first picture is a yellow color we like. Do you have this color? Other colour ideas are welcome too.




The closest colour that Gentek has to this yellow is our Antique Ivory colour, but I am not sure how that would look with the red roof. With your roof choice, I would suggest that you go with so Gentek’s Harvest Wheat yellow colour. It is a bit more of a browner yellow colour that would blend better with the red roof.


Updating home exterior


Brian asks:

We are looking to update our home with new vinyl siding. Considering the current colour of the shingles we would appreciate feedback as to colour of the new siding. We are not looking to add any external structure modifications to the house.



If you were looking to go with a more monochrome look, I would suggest you go with Gentek’s Harvest Wheat colour. It has a similar yellow tone that is prominent in your stone. If you are looking for more of a contrast I would suggest you go with Espresso which is a dark brown colour, but a deeper richer tone than the current brown on the home. Either of these colours would blend well with the stone, roof and trim colour which will be staying constant on the home.

Choosing door colours


Jennifer asks:

Hello, last year we had some Gentek pebble siding installed. The majority of our house is red brick and I am now considering colours to paint the front door and garage door. My current thoughts for the garage door is a colour similar to but darker than the siding (i.e. pebble). For the door I would like something more dramatic and am considering yellow. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Regards, Jen.



For your garage door, I would suggest you paint it pebble to blend in with the rest of the house so your garage door does not become a focal point of the home. As for your front door, a yellow would definitely be dramatic, but my suggestion would be to go with a yellow closer to a mustard or Gentek’s Harvest Wheat colour. These colours would stand out but still fit in with the darker earthy tones of your home.