5 Reasons to Deal with a Window Wise Dealer

Need to replace your windows? Don’t leave your home’s future up to chance. Unfortunately, in the window replacement industry, you don’t always get what you pay for. There are poorly trained installers and poor quality products that can leave you in a worse place than when you started off.

When you deal with a Window Wise manufacturer, like Gentek, you can rest assured that you’re getting top quality windows that are installed by top quality contractors. Window Wise manufacturers and contractors have been tested and certified so you can be confident in your investment.

Here are 5 reasons to deal with a Window Wise dealer.


Window Wise audits and certifies contractors and window manufacturers, and conducts window installation training seminars for installers. A Window Wise certification means there’s a full 5 year transferrable guarantee; there will be a trained, certified window dealer and window installation contractor; high quality, energy star efficient windows; random inspection for contract workmanship; and registration of your window replacement job to ensure all criteria have been met.

2. Peace of Mind

Using a Window Wise dealer will give you peace of mind that your window investment will be one you can be proud of. It will be a lasting investment that you don’t have to worry about. Plus, you can be sure that the tradespeople installing your windows are of the highest quality. The window manufacturer and contractor are protected by an industry-backed guarantee, so you can sleep easy at night.

3. Tested

Window Wise manufacturers have all been tested and exceed building code standards for everything from energy efficiency to water leakage and strength. This provides you as a buyer with an extra sense of ease when you invest in your new replacement windows.

4. High Quality

There’s no point replacing your windows if they’re not going to be superior quality. Windows are an investment and the last thing any home owner wants is to buy windows that are going to need to be replaced in a few years. Window Wise manufacturers like Gentek only sell high quality windows that feature water leakage and strength, air filtration, and significant energy saving benefits.

5. Protection

One of the main benefits of windows is that they protect your home and keep it secure. They prevent air loss, keep noise out, and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Dated windows can have trouble keeping outside noises from entering your home, but quality replacement windows, like the ones you can find with a Window Wise dealer maximize your privacy and quiet so you can live your life peacefully and undisturbed. This is especially important if you live in a noisy area.

If you’re looking to replace your windows, deal with a Window Wise manufacturer to ensure you get top contractors and the highest quality windows. Gentek offers a wide range of Window Wise windows that will suit your home needs!


5 Things to Consider Before You Change Your Windows

Replacing your windows can be a big investment, but one that’s sure to pay off. Not only will they elevate the design of your home, replacement windows also offer energy efficiency, timeless style and easy upkeep. But before you change your windows, keep these 5 things in mind to make sure your replacement windows will last you for years to come and increase the value of your home.

1. Quality Comes First

When it comes to replacing your windows, bargain hunting shouldn’t be your go-to solution. Sometimes homeowners will go out and look for the quickest and cheapest solutions if they need to replace their windows, but cutting corners can reduce your home’s value and decrease the time between window replacements. Before you change your windows, make sure you invest in quality replacements that will last at least a quarter of a century.

2. The Importance of Aesthetics

Beautiful windows are one of the best ways to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Windows like Gentek’s Amherst windows boast a timeless design that will maintain their appearance year after year. Whether you’re looking for double hung windows, sliders, casement and awning windows, or picture and fixed life windows, we’ve got you covered with both aesthetics and performance.

Well-designed windows will also add significant value to your home if you think you’ll eventually put your house up for sale. New homeowners will pay more if windows have been replaced, especially if they enhance the design of the house.

3. Low Maintenance is Key

If you’re like most people, you want your windows to be as low maintenance as possible. It’s important your windows aren’t prone to rot, swelling, corroding or pitting, and that they won’t chip, peel or crack. Vinyl windows such as Gentek’s Regency windows and 70 and 80 Series windows are affordable and durable, with little maintenance needed to keep them in tip top shape.

4. Energy Efficiency

If you’re going to replace your windows, you might as well make them as energy efficient as possible. Thermal efficiency will help create more comfort in your home, as well as save you money on heating and cooling bills, and help the environment. All Gentek’s windows are energy efficient, constructed with quality, insulated glass to block the transfer of heat and cold.

5. Options for Your Budget

If you want to increase the performance of your windows, but don’t have a lot of money to spend, check out Gentek’s aluminum storm windows, manufactured by York Aluminum. Storm windows add an extra layer of glass, providing more thermal insulation. The storm windows from Gentek also come with a sashed screen and can be designed to match almost any window design!

Are you thinking about changing your windows? Consider these 5 things before investing in your new windows!