How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

When it comes to your home’s facade, there are many aspects that go into creating your desired look. One of those features is your garage door. It’s an area of the home that’s often overlooked when it comes to design and upgrades, but your garage door can elevate the aesthetic of your home, complementing the rest of your exterior and standing out in a gorgeous way. Here are 5 steps to choosing the perfect garage door for your home!


  1. Consider Your Home Style

It’s important that all elements of your home exterior work together to create a cohesive look. Before choosing your new garage door, consider your home style. If you have a more traditional home, opt for doors with conservative features, and if you have a modern home, pick out doors with simple straight lines. For a garage door on a modern home, there likely won’t be any ornamentation, and black, grey, white and brown are the quintessential colours. If you have a carriage house, go for a garage door with a country feel. This will bring in the warmth of your home’s design.


  1. Pick the Proper Material for Your Climate

Another factor to take into consideration is the climate you live in. While some garage door materials are more durable, others work best for warmer, less harsh climates. You can choose from metal, fibreglass, or wood/timbre, depending on the location and climate of your home. Metal and fiberglass are more durable options, standing the test of time, and wood creates a gorgeous aesthetic for your home, but can be an investment.


  1. Colour

Modern style homes tend to stay on the simpler, more understated side when it comes to garage door colour. As we mentioned above, doors in black, grey, white and brown are the norm for the contemporary look. Traditional and carrier homes, on the other hand, can typically get away with more colour. Whatever shade you choose, make sure it complements the rest of your exterior as your garage makes up up to 40% of your facade.


  1. Windows

The first decision you need to make is whether you want windows on your garage door. Some styles look best with windows, while others make their mark without them. If you have a more modern home, plain windows are the way to go, however if you want something more decorative, there are lots of window styles to choose from. Some owners choose to match their garage door windows to their entry door windows creating coordination and harmony. Once you’ve decided on windows, you also need to decide on the type and transparency of the glass. You can get anything from crystal clear to completely opaque, plus everything in between.


  1. Hardware

The last piece of the puzzle when it comes to your garage door is choosing your decorative hardware. Not all garage doors need hardware, but certain styles require it to get the look. Carriage doors, for example, look best with wrought iron hinges and handles. Look at your home exterior as a whole, and ask yourself if hardware would add to the finished look.


Don’t underestimate the difference a garage door can make! Use our tips to pick out the perfect garage door for your home!



How to Pick the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

Many homeowners underestimate the power of the garage door to elevate their home. The garage door has become such a noteworthy feature of homes that there are more style and colour choices than you can imagine. You should put as much consideration into your garage door as any other aspect of your facade. Follow these tips to pick the perfect garage door for your home!

Coordinate Your Garage Door with Your Home Style

Your garage door should complement your exterior style, not detract from it. You want it to fit in and look good with the rest of your home and your aesthetics. If you have a contemporary style home, you may choose a more unique design that stands out, while if you have a more traditional style home, perhaps you’ll opt for something with more of a rustic style that blends in to its surroundings. Your garage door should have the design and features to match your house, so this should be top of mind when choosing one.

Choose Your Colour

Choosing your garage door colour is a fun task! The colour you choose should complement the rest of your architecture, so avoid dramatic colours and strong contrasts. Take cues from the rest of your exterior design to help you choose the perfect colour. You can match your garage door to your window trim, choose a colour that blends in with your siding or brick, or match it to your front door.

Material Counts

When it comes to choosing the material for your garage door, think about aspects like durability, maintenance, design and cost to ensure your garage door checks all the boxes. Wood is usually best for a traditional home, but keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance. Aluminum is another option, with little to no maintenance, but it dents easier than a material such as steel. Steel is a more sturdy option, but can rust if scratched or dent. Then there’s fiberglass, which is more durable than wood and metal, and generally costs more than metal, but less than solid wood. With all of these options you can choose from a wide selection of styles and colours, so choose a material that’s best for your lifestyle!

Details and Customization

Customizing your front door ensures it’s a total standout on your block. Not only can you customize the design of your door, you can also add details such as panelling, hardware and windows to make it your own. You may consider panelling for a colonial vibe, hinges and handles to replicate stable doors, or window styles such as arch tops, divided-lights or large panels.

Consider Security and Comfort

If you’re a smart homeowner, security and safety are always top of mind. Look for a garage door with good security features like handless doors or keypads that allow your family to enter your garage without a key. Many garage doors have an automatic feature that retracts if they sense movement, but you may also consider finger guards to prevent pinched fingers. As for comfort, if you want a break from outside noise and the elements, look for a door with increased insulation and weather-stripping.

Choosing the perfect garage door for your home is a fun endeavour! Use these tips to help you make the right choice for your home.