Shelley – We Are Building a Craftsman Bungalow


Shelley asks,

We are building a craftsman bungalow this summer and trying to decide on exterior colors. So far we’ve picked: Gables will be aspen brown shakes from Grayne One wall and porch posts will use Fusion Stone Great Lakes in brindle.

We’re looking at Gentek for siding of the remainder of the house. We’ve picked out the wicker cafe 638 but no one around here has used it for more than accent trim so we can’t see what it looks like on a large scale. Looking at the small sample, it looks okay but concerned it might be too light? The dark shakes on the gables are most important to us and want to find something complimentary.


Aspen Brown is a great shade to work with. I like Wicker as a complimentary colour to this, but if you think it is too light, why not Pebble? They are complimentary colours and will work well together. To add some lighter tones to the home, you could use Wicker as the soffit, fascia, eaves and window trim to bring it all together.

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Susan R. – We Are Renovating Our 1920’s House


Susan asks,

We are renovating our 1920’s house. Removing the beige siding and replacing with stucco. We have replaced the windows and they are trimmed with Iron ore colour (also increased the height by 10″). We are looking for a medium grey colour for the stucco- suggestions? Also, we have a large gabled dormer at the front of the house over the front porch (3rd bedroom on second floor). We are looking for suggestions for design to enhance this feature.

Susan Reid


With the Iron Ore trimed windows, I would suggest that your stucco be similar to Gentek’s Pebble colour. This will look great with the Iron Ore and the brick on the home. As for the gables, a nice shake would look good to as some design elements to the home. I would suggest the shakes should either be Pebble (for the stucco colour) or Iron Ore. Gentek carries a line of low maintenance vinyl shakes by Foundry:

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Kate – We Are Building a New House


Kate asks,

We are building a new house and are not sure what to put in the large peak. We have picked out a grey brick for the house so we were wondering about doing a grey cedar siding in both peaks, but we are not sure if there should be an accent. We are open to any ideas, either to do with the brick or if you have any other ideas on what would look good on the house.

Kate 1Answer:

I like the idea of a shake in the gables to add some texture to the home. If they bricks are a light grey, I would go with a darker grey shake in the gable. If the brick is a darker grey, go with a lighter grey shake in the gable. This will create a nice contrast and draw the eye to the attractive cedar shake.

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Colleen – We Have Chosen to Side Our House


Colleen asks,

We have chosen to side our house in your product midnight surf. I was thinking about doing the peaks of the house in either a contrasting colour or in a different style or product such as shakes. I am worried about highlighting the peaks due the off centre of the garage doors and windows. The front rock is tyndall stone which is a light beige or sand colour. The rock is staying. We are planning on contrasting the dark colour with white trim but if you have other suggestions that would be appreciated.

Colleen 2 Colleen 1


I like the choice of Midnight Surf, but I would chose Almond as the trim colour. Almond will blend well with the stone but create a rich look with the dark Midnight Surf. As for the gables, I like the idea of using shakes in the gables, but I would stick with Midnight Surf. Going with a different colour would break up the house and make it look shorter. Keeping the same colour will give some illusion of height, but the shakes would give it some additional texture.

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Cheryl – Planning to Reside our Country Home


Cheryl asks,

We are planning to reside our country home with a Gentek vinyl siding to go with our tin coffee brown roof. The gable end window will be changed to white to match the rest of the windows. What color do you suggest and should we do a different treatment on the gable ends like vertical siding or shakes? I was leaning towards Pebble or Dark Drift. Am I on the right track? Thanks for your help!

Cheryl 2 Cheryl 1

Cheryl 3


My choice for the siding on your home would be to go with Pebble to create a bit of a contrast with the dark roof. Dark Drift is a bit too dark for me in this situation. As for the gables, I think a shake in the gable would look great. It will add that “country” look to your home. I would suggest that you go with Pebble in the shake as well. The texture change in the shake should be enough to make it stand out.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Vic’s Eavestroughing and KWS Windows and Doors. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.