Building a new house in 2017




We are building a new house in 2017. For the rear walkout we want to use gentek double 4.5 Dutch horizontal in the coastal blue-change it up on the upper walls and use coastal blue in the board and batten profile and do a complimentary vinyl shake in all the gable ends. Windows and doors will be white. The question is what colour should we use for the gable shakes as well as the soffit, fascia and trough to compliment.



If you like a more monotone look you could go with Gentek’s Rockwell blue in the gable to give it some depth with a darker colour.  If you would like a contrast look, you could try Gentek’s Monterey Sand in the gables and then go white for the soffit, fascia and eaves to bring it all together.


Brick is mossy oak


Angie asks:

We are building new home and looking for colour suggestions. The brick is mossy oak. We are considering the pebble coloured window trim. There is also some vinyl siding on the gable ends. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Angie 1






Angie 2








To bring the look of the home together, I would do the siding and the gable ends in Pebble.  This will bring the look of the home together.


Update the upper part of my house


Sandy asks

Hello, I’m planning to update the upper part of my house -with a combination of vinyl shingles (Grayne in Cape Grey) on the gables, and replacing existing siding with either board and batten, or horizontal vinyl siding around the entire house in a matching gray colour. I would like to also trim all the windows in white and add white corner posts on all 4 sides. My question is: what material should be used to replace the gable/fascia boards? Should this be aluminum, or PVC? Right now it is aluminium in the same blue colour as the gutters & downspouts, which I also plan to change to match the rest of the house in white. Photo 2  is an inspirational photo of the white trim /gable boards I’m interested in. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

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To give you the look I think you desire, I would replace your siding with Board and Batten over the horizontal siding.  As for the gables, I would use a PVC product to keep the same look. Aluminum, would give a different texture and shine that I do not think would look good with the Grayne product you are looking at.



Help/design tips


Mark asks:


I’m looking for some help/design tips when working with Hardie Board. There seems to be many options, vertical , horizontal and even larger 4×8 panels for more of a modern or commercial look. We are also looking to incorporate some stone accents and wood cladding for the porch pillars. . I have attached 3 photo’s of the front, side and rear for your reference. Garage doors and front door are walnut color and shingles / sofits fascia are charcoal grey. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mark 1 Mark 2










Mark 3










For your home I would not go with 4×8 panels because your home is not a modern style home.  I would suggest you go with the more traditional horizontal profiles on the first floor of the home, and then go with a vertical profile in the gables to create some dimension on the home.  If you wanted something different, you could go with a shake in the gables as well to create even more texture and interest on the home.

Decided to use Gentek siding


Quinn asks:

Looking into replacing the exterior of my house and have decided to use gentek siding. In the first photo is my house front I am thinking of doing aspen out of your northern forest collection for the whole house. Would you recommend going with the 4\” or 5\”? What is more common? I also want to do the gable ends in a shingle look I can’t find it on your vinyl part at all but I see it in the picture on the fiber cement portion of your site? Thinking of doing a lighter color like pearl on just the peaks in this. I want to put 1.5\” of styrofoam insulation around the whole house. Looking into doing some \”rock\” look in the front also not sure if i just go up to the bottom of my main picture window across the whole front or do vertical columns just under the 3 front windows. Is there any website you can recommend to plug in my house with your siding colors and add rock colors also?

Quinn 1









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Quinn, I like your choice of Aspen for your home. It has a great look on the home.  As for the profile, because you have a one story home, I would suggest you do the stone on the lower portion of the home – up to the bottom of the windows and the front of the home and then use a the Board and Batten profile to great the illusion of height.  The stone you should pick should be in the grey tones, preferably both light and dark to blend with the siding.  In the gables I would go with a 5”profile in a lighter colour like Storm or Dover Grey to finish off the look. I would also do the soffit and fascia in the colour you chose for the gables.


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A little old house


Tracy asks:

Hi there, this is great that you can do this for me. Thank you in advance. So here is a house renovation. (there is a little old house under all this) Anyway, I love craftsman style, I also like vertical siding, I don’t like rock just straight across the bottom of a house. My husband does not like angled pillars so they will just stay square, maybe we’ll put rock on the bottom of the pillars? Question number one… what would rock look like on this house (I don’t even know where to put it). Next question, for the gable ends, I also like the cedar shake look but I can’t visualize lighter cedar shakes then the siding color we have chosen. The siding color is windswept smoke with white trim on windows, facia and soffits. This will compliment our detached garage that is metal siding but the same color. Your help and suggestions would be great.

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Windswept Smoke siding is a great colour. In the gable I would suggest you go with Pebble in the shake and then continue with the white accents you a already chosen.  All three of these colour will look great together. As for the stone, if you do not want to put it on the bottom of the home, the pillars would be a good option. I would go up about 1 foot from the ground with the stone.



Please help me make my home look amazing


Danelle asks:


I am in need of some designer help. We bought our home last year. It\’s a 1977 4 level split. We are replacing all of the windows and doing Siding. I\’m having such a hard time with colour choice. The windows will be white trim and the rock face is going also as we feel it ages the home. I\’m thinking of a charcoal grey with white trim but I\’m not sure lol. The home sits on 6 acres and is beautiful but I just need some suggestions please help me make my home look amazing.




I like the stone and I think with the right colour of siding I think the home will look much more modern.  I would go with a darker look for your siding like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or even Iron Ore and then trim the windows with Gentek’s Pebble colour.  I love the combination of these two colours and with that stone, it would look great.  People are paying to have stone like this put on the home.  If you still want to replace it, I would still chose the same colour combinations, and I would use Gentek’s Board and Batten where the stone is and around the window on the right and then shakes in the gable.


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Focusing efforts on the exterior.


Joanne asks:


We purchased this home over a year ago and our now focusing our efforts on the exterior. We are going to be replacing the soffits, facia, etc. and the siding on the gable ends of the house this fall. We have arranged a contractor but haven\’t finalized product. We really like the look of wood with the taupe grey brick and have been looking at photos of the longboard product from Gentek. We have removed the shutters and like the look of that and will be replacing the front door as well. The windows are all new and will remain white. Would appreciate some input for colour options for gables, garage door, front door and detail below windows. We also will be siding the new garden shed to the west of the house in a complimentary colour to the house. Currently the front porch and walkway are being replaced with new paving stone that matches the house with black stone risers.

Joanne 1 Joanne 2 Joanne 3Answer:

I like the options you have chosen already.  For the gables, I would go with a darker colour like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke and also paint the garage door this colour as well.  I would go with a black front door and replace the siding under the windows with a vertical siding in Windswept Smoke as well.

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Stone, Siding and Gable


Jerry asks:

Looking at stone, siding & gable accents!


Jerry 1Answer:

Jerry, I assume you are looking for colour guidance for the renovation on your home and that the roof and windows will not be changing.  With this in mind, you have many options you could go with. In terms of a stone product, you could try Versetta Stone’s Ledgestone profile in Terra Rosa colour with a vertical Board and Batten vinyl siding in Moonlit Moss with Pebble shakes in the gables to give the accent you are looking for.  I would suggest that you also paint your garage door Moonlit Moss or Pebble to help it blend into the home. You do not want it to be a focal point of the home.  These colours will blend well with the cream colour of your windows and the brown roof.

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Home Built in 1924


JBernier asks:

I Purchased this older home built in 1924. All the cedar singles on the bottom of the house are rotting (some have been removed) so I would like to replace with siding. My first question is should I do the rock looking siding on the bottom or stick with shingles ( not sure if it would match the house). Or should I do regular siding on the whole house and just the shingles to accent above the porch (porch is being rebuilt) I guess in general I am not sure if I should keep it looking older or just pull into a little more of a modern look?

JBernier 1 JBernier 2 JBernier 3


Whether you go traditional or modern is your choice in the end. That depends on your taste.  If this was my home, I would go with a more modern look and install stone or faux stone where the shakes are now.  Once you find a stone you like,I would then chose the colour of your siding from there. Pick a colour which is found in the stone to give a cohesive look.   The stone at the bottom will give a more modern look but with that touch of traditional. You could also incorporate some shakes in the gables another touch of traditional.

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