Marie-France – Replacing the White on My Walls with Sandalwood Siding


Marie-France asks,

Hello. I would like to replace the white on my walls with Sandalwood siding from Gentek. The garage door could use Sandalwood as well. I would also add Sandalwood shingles to the gable in order to change its texture. What colour accent should I choose for my shutters?



Sandalwood is a nice choice for both the siding and the garage door. For the gable, I do like the idea of a cedar shake, I would also do it in Sandalwood. If you go with a different colour, you will create contrast which will break up the height of the home. Keep the same colour, to make the house look taller. As for the shutters, I would actually go with a dark grey like Gentek’s Iron Ore. This will bring out the grey tones in the brick. It will also add some contrast to the front of the home.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Aluminum Warehouse, Basic Home Improvements, and RenovAction Home Improvements. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Modernizing home exterior


Melanie asks:

We are in the process of deciding what would look best for modernizing the exterior of our home. We are replacing the roof with new black tin and the siding with your windswept smoke colour. I was thinking black shutters (02, black accent lighting, white trim on house. Any ideas for breaking up the taller section of our house? I do not like how the siding goes in different directions right now! Please keep in mind I am looking to modernize the look!



If you want to modernize the look of the home and break up the tall wall at the front, I would suggest you go with a cedar shake in the gable instead of the vertical siding. This will break up the wall but it you will not get the distinct differences in direction. Gentek sell a product from Novik in a cedar shake in a colour matching Windswept Smoke:

By using the shake product, you will add some dimension to the design and break up the height of the wall. Windswept Smoke is one of Gentek’s most popular colours and will look great with the white trim and black shutters and fixtures. For something a bit different, you could also consider Pebble as a trim colour. Windswept Smoke has a brown tone to it and would look great with Gentek’s Pebble as a contrast colour. This would also create that modern look you desire.