What Colour Should You Paint Your Front Door?

If you want to make a great first impression with your home exterior, painting your front door is one of the best ways to do it. Your front door shouldn’t be an afterthought, and although choosing a colour for your front door can feel overwhelming it doesn’t have to be. If you feel like you need a change, but don’t know where to start, we’re letting you in on our best tips for choosing a colour to paint your front door. Don’t forget- all of our First Impression Doors can be painted in any of Gentek’s colours! Whether you want to keep it soft and subtle or make a bold statement, here are 4 colour palettes to consider when choosing a door colour.


  1. Go Subtle or Sleek with Greys

Greys are continuing to rise in popularity in the home decor world, both for interiors and exteriors alike. While shades of grey are very on trend, they will also stand the test of time, so you can be confident that your door colour will make you happy for years to come. Depending on your home style and the rest of your facade, you can opt for anything from a soft, light grey to a charcoal, slate grey and anything in between. Take a look at Gentek’s colours to find the perfect grey for you! A light ‘Dover Gray’ would be perfect if you want to keep things subtle, or a darker ‘Chesapeake Grey’ or ‘Graphite’ if you want something with a little more punch.


  1. Make a Statement with Dark Hues

Dark doors always make a striking statement. Shades like black, navy blue and burgundy are classic and traditional, offering a sense of sophistication to your home. If you want a more traditional finish, go for a high gloss, and if you want a softer tone, an eggshell finish will give you the look you want. Dark doors contrast nicely with lighter siding hues, and also look gorgeous among red, brown or grey brick.


  1. Blend In with Neutrals

While some homeowners want their front door to stand out, others prefer it to beautifully blend in with the rest of their home and its surroundings. In this case, neutrals like black, greys and greens are the way to go. While we’ve already touched on dark and grey hues, green shades such as sage are an awesome way to bring in a natural colour palette, allowing your door to blend beautifully with the greenery of your outdoor space. Try our ‘Meadow Fern’ or ‘Moonlit Moss’ for a gorgeous, neutral green.


  1. Go Bold and Bright with Colour

If you want your front door to really pop, opt for a bold, bright colour. Vibrant colours like teal, yellow and red create an eye-catching entrance for your home. Your front door is the one area where you can let your personality shine, so don’t be afraid to go bright and bold if that’s more your style.


Changing up your front door colour is one of the best ways to elevate your curb appeal. Take these tips into consideration when deciding on the perfect front door colour for you!


Step Up! 6 Great Design Ideas for Your Front Steps

Your front steps should make a statement. Whether that statement is subtle or bold is up to you, but your steps are the entryway to your home, so they should make a good first impression.

Many of us think about front steps in terms of functionality, and while they do need to be functional, they can also enhance your curb appeal, make your entryway appear larger, and increase accessibility.

Coordinate your front steps with your front porch, entry door and landscaping so it all comes together to welcome people to your abode. Ready to step up your entryway game? Here are our best front step design ideas we know you’ll love!

1. Brick Entryway

Coordinate your front steps and porch by constructing them both with large, timeless brick. It will flow together, making a seamless transition from your steps to your porch- a gorgeous design for a traditional home. Add Tuscan columns where the stairs meet the porch, big, beautiful windows and gorgeous shutters for a charming, traditional look.

2. Grand Staircase

If you have a large front porch, take advantage of the space and add a wide staircase up to your porch. This will open up the facade of your home, giving people a true appreciation for how grand your entryway really is. Place the front steps so they line up with the middle of the porch, giving your home beauty and balance.

3. Resort-Style Steps

Whether you have a vacation home, or just really want the look of a resort-style home for your house in the city, your front steps can help you achieve the look. Decorative tiles or designs placed on the risers of the staircase offer a resort-style vibe that transports you to an island oasis. Choose a tile that reminds you of your favourite vacation spot, and you’ll love walking up your stairs every day.

4. Cool and Contemporary

Have a contemporary home? You probably want contemporary front steps to go with it. Tones of gray can help you achieve the contemporary look for your front entryway, including the stairway leading up to your porch. You can also consider putting hidden lights under each step to portray the look of floating stairs and to help lead your family and guest up the stairway. It’s a cool, contemporary touch!

5. Wooden Warm

One way to make a warm welcome with your front entryway is with wooden front steps. It gives your entryway an inviting feel and makes your home feel timeless and trendy all at once. Choose a wood you really love and that compliments the rest of your home exterior and landscape.

6. Brick & Concrete

Another great option for a more traditional-style home is mixing brick and concrete for your front steps. Use concrete slabs for the treads and bricks for the risers, ending off with a concrete or brick patio- whichever you like best!

If you want your front stairway to be more than just functional, use one of these awesome design ideas for your front steps!