Jean-Francois – I Need to Replace All My Doors and Windows


Jean-Francois asks,

I need to replace all my doors and windows, as well as the siding and the roof. Actually, I have already picked the colour for the roof: a kind of charcoal grey. It’s mainly the siding that’s giving me trouble; no idea where to start. I would like to use CanExel type siding, no stone or brick. Maybe have an accent on the eaves of the roof and over the garage, like replica-cedar shingles, for example. As for the windows, here also I am at a loss in terms of colours. I would rather leave them white and maybe add colour to the doors, for example. Thank you in advance!


I think a faux cedar shake would look good. Novik makes a nice looking faux cedar shake. No maintenance needed. As for colour of the siding, I would go with something darker to add some colour, like Novik’s Grey Black Blend. White windows would look fine, but in that case, I would go with a bold front door, Black.

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