We are going nuts!


Rosa asks:

My husband and I are having a problem choosing our soffit and facia colours on our new home.  The brick we choose are from  Montreal Brique et Pierre Brandon Gris Sienna Onyx. The roof is from BP Everest colour Brown Stone.  The windows,  front door,  garage door and facia around the door are coloured from SICO paints # 621263 Urban Grey.  The model of the home is a bungalow which I will include the photo so that you get an idea of what the facad looks like. NOTE : this is the model home and NOT our home being constructed.  So my question is with all of this going on what colors should I choose for the soffit, facia and gutters?  HELP,  we are going nuts!

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After taking a look at all of the colours who have already chosen, I would suggest that you try Gentek’s Sable or Pebble.  Pebble is very similar to the Sico Urban Grey and Sable is a bit darker and would give a nice contrast to the Urban Grey.  Any of these colours would blend well with the stone and roof colours you have chosen.


Sable and Pebble is a very popular colour combinations for Gentek.


Changing all my doors and windows


Alex asks:

I am changing all the doors and windows on my house and will also look to change the siding.

i want a modern look.

My roof shingles are new.  They are BP Canada “Everest – Twilight Grey”.

Originally we were going to go with your charcoal color that we saw on Garaga’s website but I feel that tone of grey may be too light.  Wanting to stay in a standard color to save cost, we also considered Dark Sand but I think it’s too green.  We do not want black because we feel it is a fad.

I have attached two photos of my house and a photo for inspiration.

From your color samples online, I’d lean towards the following colors: Slate, Graphite or Iron Ore.  Do you have any other recommendations?  Basically I’d like to find something that is roughly two or three tones darker than our brick color.

Then for the siding, on the facade above and under the windows, I’d like to go with some sort of cedar color.  The facade portion under the gutters I’d probably want to have match the doors and windows.  Then the siding on the side of the can also match the doors and windows, or would that be too dark?

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If you would like to go with a look like your “inspiration” house, I would suggest that you go with the darker greys for both the door and the siding on the side of the home.  I would suggest either Storm or Iron Ore.  These two colours are available in both the vinyl siding and our soffit and fascia colours as well. .

Having difficulty matching colours


Leanne asks:

We need to replace our siding and trim/soffit/facia. We are leaving the shingles as they were replaced 5 years ago, however I am having difficulty matching colours to the reddish/brown shingle color. The cedar in the middle will be replaced with rock/stone and the deck will be ripped off and replaced with a new deck in a natural wood color.

The cedar above the garage will just be replaced with siding.

We are looking at vinyl siding and we are open to any color.

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My suggestion to you would be to chose the stone product that you like and then choose a tone from that.  I would say that a colour like Gentek’s Pebble or even Dark Drift would be a nice colour to blend with the brown shingle.  Most stone products have some sort of earthy tone in it , that choosing Pebble or Dark Drift would probably work.