Match our pebble trim and garage doors




We are currently in the process of picking a new siding color to match our pebble trim and garage doors. Would deep moss look good and if so what color should we go on the windows and front door? Thanks


Amanda 1 Amanda 2Answer:

Moonlit Moss looks great with Pebble accents. I would definitely chose it for the siding. As for the windows, why not try Wicker and Dark brown like Gentek’s Espresso for the door.




Front entrance


Brandi asks:


Hi, We will be replacing our  and are having trouble deciding on a colour and style. We tend to like more traditional styles. Our windows are North Star sandalwood and the garage doors are CHI desert tan. We are debating between keeping the door and sidelights different colours or having the entire entrance one colour. We are thinking of changing the door to a dark brown and also changing the shutters to match. We like the executive steel doors or a 2 panel wood grain fibreglass door. The other thing we are debating is whether to keep the traditional colonial style sidelights and transom but maybe changing to full length sidelights and adding a privacy glass (i.e. diamond glass) in the sidelights and perhaps the transom as well to match. Alternatively we like the Novatech glass designs (i.e. bistro or liano) that you can get with the Gentek doors but aren\’t sure if they suit our home. Do you have any suggestions for door color and glass styles to suit our home?


Brandi 1 Brandi 2 Brandi 3Answer:

I would like to see you go with a darker brown for the front door and shutters. Gentek’s Espresso or Chestnut Brown would look good.  It would blend well with the brown in the brick.  I would go with the same colour for the entire door, including side lites.  As for the decorative glass. I think your home will look good with the decorative glass, but just make sure that the tones in the glass do not include pinks or blues, they should have more neutral tones in them.  Browns, creams etc.

Replacing wood siding


Matthew asks:

I am looking to replace the wood siding. I was thinking of vinyl board and bat. But open to any suggestions.


Matthew 1 Matthew 2



The use of Board and Batten would definitely give the home a different look, but I think it would be a good look.  I would suggest that you go with something a little lighter than the dark brown.  Gentek’s Monterey Sand would give you a different look for your home and lighten it up a bit.  If you like the darker tones, I would suggest you try Gentek’s Espresso colour which is a deep rich brown tone, but my first preference is still for the lighter colour, Monterey Sand.

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Low maintenance siding suggestions


Meredith Asks

We just bought a house that has cedar shingle siding. We are looking to replace it with something lower maintenance. We also really dislike the current colour scheme and would like something more modern looking. The beige brick with beige siding is very boring and dated.Meredith


The brown brick used in the pattern would be a great colour to use for the siding.  I would replace the horizontal siding on the right with Gentek’s Board and Batten siding in either Saddle Brown or Espresso. I like the look of the shakes in the gable but you could replace them with a low maintenance shake like Novik’s perfect shake which requires no maintenance. I would do the shake in Pebble and also redo the soffit, fascia and eaves in Pebble.  The shutters should be replaced with a more modern looking Raised Panel shutter.  The Board and Batten siding and the dark colours will give your home the modern look you desire.

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Updating windows, siding, eves, fascia and roof


Allison asks:

We are hoping to update our windows, siding, eves, fascia, and roof and are having trouble choosing colour. We dislike the rust coloured trim and pinkish siding. Just wondering what you would do?


There is a very nice dark brown tone to the brick would lead me to chose Gentek’s Espresso colour for your siding and Pebble as the trim, soffit, fascia and windows and trim. I would also charge your garage door colour to pebble as well.  I would change the shutters to Pebble, both on the Espresso siding and the brick. To finish it all off, if you are going to change your windows, Pebble would be the colour I chose for them, but the current colour would blend well if you were not going to change them. The dark brown tones are very modern looking and will give your home a modern look for many years to come.

Your closest Gentek contractors are Vision Glass Inc. and Alf Curtis Home Improvements. Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

Choosing colour for vertical board and batten


Tracy asks:

We have yellow brick, and dark brown siding up top. We cannot replace the upper siding – it was only done a few years ago and is not in the budget. However, we have an addition that is being built off the back of the house. It will not meet up with the brown siding, as it is a single story add-on. We are going with vertical board and batten, but I am at a loss as too what colour to choose. Can you help?











My first suggestion for the board and batten would be to pick Gentek’s Espresso colour for the board and batten siding to try and match it with the existing siding.  I would assume that there would be some sort of brown tone in the stone product you are going to use there as well. If you feel that Espresso is too dark, you can try Gentek’s Dark Drift or even Pebble. These would blend well with the brown siding and yellow brick.

Colour suggestions for home exterior


Carol asks:

I would like suggestions about colours for replacing current aluminum siding with new vinyl siding for this home.



My suggestion for your home would be to go with a darker brown tone like Dark Drift or Espresso. It really depends on how dark the dark brown is in the brick. Darker colours create a modern richer look. I would replace the shutters with a the other colour you did not chose, Siding – Dark Drift – shutters – Espresso or vise versa.  he contrasting green that is there now, would not blend well with your new colours.

Updating home exterior


Brian asks:

We are looking to update our home with new vinyl siding. Considering the current colour of the shingles we would appreciate feedback as to colour of the new siding. We are not looking to add any external structure modifications to the house.



If you were looking to go with a more monochrome look, I would suggest you go with Gentek’s Harvest Wheat colour. It has a similar yellow tone that is prominent in your stone. If you are looking for more of a contrast I would suggest you go with Espresso which is a dark brown colour, but a deeper richer tone than the current brown on the home. Either of these colours would blend well with the stone, roof and trim colour which will be staying constant on the home.

Suggestions for a new build


Tammy asks:

We are building a new home and really like the craftsman style. We want to add that to our home via the siding and trim and are wondering what you would suggest. We are open to using multiple colours and styles (B&B, Clapboard & Shakes).



I would suggest that you use the Board and Batten Siding for the majority of the house and go with a shake or scallop. Gentek makes both products. As for colour, there are so many options you could go with. One suggestion I would have it to go with Gentek’s Espresso with Black trim and accent colours and a lighter colour in the shakes or scallops, maybe Pebble or Canyon Clay.

Choosing board and batten colour


Jenna asks:

Hi there, we’re stuck on colouring for our home. The window trim is white, pillars and house trim are a black. The first picture is our house now. And the second was our original design. The third is our stone choice. The two outer walls will be stone and bottoms of the pillars. The rest will be board and batten and the top gable ends will be cedar shake. The second picture shows the siding as cedar shake rather than board and batten .What colour of board and batten should I choose? And should we leave the cedar shake original colour or stain it? Thanks!





From what I can see in the pictures, it looks like you are looking for brown tones for your Board and Batten siding. I would suggest that you look at either Espresso or Dark Drift. If you go with Espresso, I would suggest that you stain the shakes a lighter colour to create a contrast. If you go with Dark Drift you might want to keep the shakes the original colour.  The stone you have chosen, looks to have a bit of a grey tone to it as well, it was hard to tell from the picture. If I am correct that there is grey in the stone, then you could also consider Windswept Smoke, which is grey with a brown tone to it.