Linda – Replacing Windows in the Fall


Linda asks,

I have a new roof – BP Rustic Cedar shingles. And I just replaced my eavestroughs, soffit, gutters with Gentek commercial brown. I am replacing my windows in the fall and was thinking of sticking with the same commercial brown. Is that wise or should I choose a different color? I don’t have any window trim. If I would want to add some, what color should it be? And what color should my new front door and garage door be? Should they be the same color? I was told to stick with a 3 color scheme at most. Is that true? As an FYI, the stone at the front of the house is a light beige (with a tinge of pink) and the 3 sides of the house is a light brown brick.

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For your windows I would not go with Commercial Brown, I would go with something a bit lighter like Gentek’s Pebble. If you are going to add some trim to the windows, I would also trim them in Pebble to give a clean look. As for your garage door and front door, here is my opinion. I always like to make garage doors blend in so they do not become a focal point, so I would go with Pebble and I like my front door to stand out and be a focal point, so I would go with Commercial Brown. As for 3 colours max on a home, I do agree with this rule, anything more can be distracting on the home.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Bell Aluminum Inc., Alauda Construction inc., and Aluminium Cosmopolitan. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Patricia – Colour for front doors and garage doors


Patricia asks,

What color should I choose for my front doors and garage doors if I replace my windows with Pebble?

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The obvious choice for me with the Pebble windows would be Sable for your doors. This blends well with both the brick and the pebble.

Your closest Gentek Renovator is Edmunds Roofing, Forward Construction, and M&M Window Co. Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Say Hello With A Vibrant Front Door Colour Choice


Your home’s front door should be a dynamic focal point that brings together the colour scheme of your siding, windows and roof, enhancing curb appeal and offering a warm welcome to your guests. The colour you select for your home’s point of entry is also a reflection of your own personal style and taste.

For many, picking colours for any kind of exterior or interior décor is a challenge. It doesn’t always come naturally. But there is logic and science to colour choice, and a little bit of research will help you make an attractive choice. A great start is to look at a colour wheel.

Winning colour schemes based on the colour wheel include:

Monochromatic: Several shades of a single colour

Analogous: Colours found side by side on the colour wheel

Contrast: Three colours spaced evenly apart on the colour wheel

Complementary: Two hues opposite each other on the colour wheel

The style of your home is a good guide for what works and what doesn’t in choosing a front door colour. Take into account the materials of your exterior, the architectural style of your home, even the surrounding landscape.

In addition to siding and windows, Gentek offers a full selection of exterior building products, including a wide range of entry doors. You can choose from a wide selection of “First Impressions by Gentek” doors, which includes fiberglass, privacy, wrought iron and other styles.

Gentek’s ‘World of Colour’ features a full array of customer-preferred colours, making it easy to find the front door colour that perfectly matches and enhances your home’s exterior.  From Burgundy to Old World Blue, Venetian Red to basic Black, Gentek has a colour that you’ll love to come home to.

Replacing our windows and doors


Barra asks:

We are getting our windows and doors replaced and are also getting vertical Driftwood siding between the bay windows.  The windows will be white and we have chosen Storm for the siding, shutters and front door.  I\’m having a hard time deciding whether this is the way to go or whether another colour would look better on the house, such as Canyon Clay.  Would it be possible to see what each colour would look like and if you could suggest a colour that would complement the brick colour, that would be appreciated?  The roof is brown and the soffits are a light ivory.  I am looking to have a more updated look to the house.

Many thanks.

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I like the idea of using Storm with your brick, but if you are not going to change the colour of your eavestrough and other trims, I am not sure Storm is the way to go.  If you are not going to change these items, I would stick with Canyon Clay or Wicker.


As for the type of siding you are going to use between the windows, I would suggest that you try a vertical profile instead of horizontal. I think the vertical siding would tie the windows together better than the horizontal.

Which colour doors and windows would you recommend for our home?


Dany asks:

What type of doors and windows and what colour can you suggest for the new openings on my house? Do you have any other recommendations for improving our home? We would like to add screens to the two doors. As you can see in the picture, my spouse built a screen door himself. We will eliminate the double door. Can you suggest a solution?

5a 5b


It is hard to see in the picture, but I would paint the windows and doors a colour that matches the dark brick in your home. From the picture, it looks like it is a dark brown like Gentek’s Espresso.  Once you chose this colour, I would carry this colour around the home.  This will bring the home together with a modern look.  Paint the porch and railing this colour as well.

What colour should we choose for our roof and doors?


Faye asks:

Hello. We want to change the colour of our roof and doors without having to change the blue colour of our eaves. Can you please help us find a colour? Thanks!



In the situation as you have described it, the only colour I would suggest a light grey roof and a colour which is close to the stucco for the window and doors trims.  It you introduce another colour into the situation, it would be too busy.

What colour should we choose for our windows and doors?


Sarah asks:

Hello, we are having a hard time choosing what colour of windows and doors we should put on our new house we just purchased. Just wondered if you have any suggestions?



My suggestion for your windows, would be to pick a colour that is close to the brick colour. From the photo, it looks like Cream or Monterey Sand would be a good choice.

Your Home is Your Castle

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Whoever came up with the line “your home is your castle,” (which dates back to English law from the 1600s) certainly had it right. For most of us our home is a place of pride and peace, a sanctuary where we can raise our families and live our lives in warmth and comfort.

More than that, our homes are often our biggest investment and our biggest financial asset. To the best of our income and ability we want to preserve, protect and enhance our dwellings, both for current comfort and future profit.

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We understand that purchasing our products represents a significant investment, and one you may make only a few times in your life.

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