Make everything fit together


Jolyann asks:

Hello. We want to replace the doors and windows on the front of our triplex. We would also like to repaint the fences, the railings and the outside of the attic above the top balcony to make everything fit together. The colour of our brick is a somewhat pinkish beige and we would like to make the beige more than the pink stand out. What colours can you recommend? Would you have any other design suggestions for the front of our home? Thank you for your advice.

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To bring out the brown tones in the brick, you would need to go with a brown neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble. I would replace the doors and windows with Pebble. To bring it all together, paint the fence and railings Pebble as well.

Two different tones or two different materials.


Nancy asks:

Hello. We would like to replace our exterior siding. We are leaning toward grey tones and, if possible, two different tones or two different materials. Thank you.

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I agree with your choice of grey tones and I would suggest Gentek’s Sierra Steel Siding in Iron Ore on the left hand side of the home. I would then go with stucco on the portion of the home around the garage door in a lighter colour similar to Gentek’s storm. This contrast would look great and create some more dimension to the home. If you were willing to go with just one type of siding, I would suggest Gentek’s Sierra Steel siding in Storm and then trim the windows, doors and garage door in Iron Ore. The fact that the home is basically one story, I would not do two different colours or types of siding on one wall because it will break up the wall and make the home seem even shorter.

Pale shade of Grey



Ben asks:

All our windows are already white and we would like to add wood beams on the gables and also wood columns. We would like a pale grey tone.


Ben 2Ben 1Answer:

If you are wanting to go with a pale grey colour for the siding on the home, I would suggest you try Gentek’s Pearl for the horizontal siding on the home and then create some visual interest in the gable with Gentek’s Storm Shakes to complete the look.  The grey tones would look great with any darker wood tones that you use for the beams in the gables and the columns. I would finish it off with Storm colours shutters and doors.  I would try an even darker tone for the front door, like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore to make it pop and become the focal point of the home.


Replacing soffit, fascia and eavestrough


Gary asks:

Hi, I recently signed a contract with Hubbard in Calgary to replace my soffit, fascia, eavestrough, and corners (the siding will remain same colour which is a light yellow). They told me they use Gentek products. I\’m also planning to paint my house trim, the front door, and garage door. I\’m trying to figure out what colours to use and would appreciate any assistance / guidance in this area. I really like the dark drift colour, and was thinking of using this for the soffit, fascia, eavestrough, corners, and house trim (which will be painted). Would this look okay against the light yellow siding (appears it would be a nice contrast)? Is this too much Dark Drift? Does it make sense to also use Dark Drift on the garage door and front door, or should I go with something a little darker for contrast? Thanks so much for your help.


I just submitted some pictures, with explanation of changes I’m planning to make to exterior of my house, and was hopeful to get your opinion on colour scheme (per below). I mentioned in my submission that I like the dark drift colour, but also wanted to mention that I’m open to others that have similar tone / hue such as Pebble. Earthen, Espresso .. Whatever you think would be a nice combination.


Gary 1 Gary 2 Gary 3Answer:

You are definitely on the right track with Dark Drift.  I like your choice.  I too like the contrast it creates with the yellow siding.  When you put Pebble up against your siding, it looks to green and would not give you the look you desire.  I also do not think that using Dark Drift on your soffit, fascia, eaves and trims is too much.  As for the garage door, I always try to down play the door by painting it the same colour as the main colour of the home. I do not like to have the garage door be a focal point for the home, so painting it close to the yellow of the siding, would help it blend in. I would trim it out with Dark Drift though.  As for the front door, we want this to be a focal point of the home. I would go with a door in a colour similar to Gentek’s Commercial Brown to make it stand out.  You could also consider a deep red door (not bright red – something like Gentek’s Venetian Red) if you were willing to go bold.


Colour Suggestions


Ora & Henry ask

We are about to install a new front door and two new windows in the front of our house. Because of the light gray brick colour on our house, we already decided that the front door frame and window\’s frame colour will be Dover Gray – very similar colour to our brick. This will be the garage door colour as well. We are painting accessories with this neutral colour because we want full accent on the entrance door which will be in radiant, dramatic purple (the purple we chose is the colour of two flower urns in front of the garage door). We would appreciate your opinion for the colour choices we made and we would like your advice for the colour of – decorative shutters on a both sides of windows – railing and post on the entrance porch We would like to emphasize shutters, but we wouldn\’t like to over power the door and in any way take attention from it. Our roof is in black colour but this, in our opinion would be too strong colour considering door colour. Also I am not sure if Dover Gray would be the best choice for railing and post on the entrance porch or maybe we can paint those in some other colour? Your opinion is highly anticipated and truly appreciated.

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Dover Grey for the windows and garage door for sure. For the posts and shutters I would go a darker shade of grey like Gentek’s Storm to create some contrast on the home. As for the front door, I like the idea of a purple colour to create that focal point for the home, but my suggestion would be to go with something a slight bit deeper. The colour you are suggesting looks very bold and it might stick out a bit more than you want.  I would go with a slightly deeper shade of purple to give a modern look.


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Allumination Siding and Windows

Liz – We Recently Purchased an 1890 Farm House


Liz asks,

We recently purchased an 1890 farm house. It is obviously in need of some exterior love, and we are wondering what colour(s) would best suit:
1. the front porch area (columns, trim, railings, etc.)
2. front door (there will only be one door here as the screen door will be removed)
3. side porch (columns, trim, etc.)
4. side door, as this will be staying (currently a wooden \”screen\” door, over the white exterior door)

We are open to any colours!

Liz 3 Liz 1 Liz 2


I would suggest you stay with something that is close to the colour of the brick on the corners. I would suggest a red, maroon or maybe a reddish brown.


Your closest Gentek Renovators are Westmount Craftsmen Inc., PM Siding‚ Windows and Doors, and Rick MacDonald Siding. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Isabelle – We Are Doing a Full-Scale Renovation


Isabelle asks,

We are doing a full-scale renovation of our home. Please note that you cannot see the whole front of the house because of the container. We are planning to replace the windows, the front door, all of the aluminum and the eavestroughs. We are thinking of using either black or the colour Storm. Any thoughts on this? Would you have other colour suggestions? We are currently totally undecided. We would like the front door’s colour to be different from the one on the windows. I would also like to draw your attention to the following two points: first, the right hand side of the front has three different colours of stone (light grey, dark grey and dark pink); second, the house is covered with a lot of aluminum, something we need to take into consideration. The rest of the house is done in brick. How to make all this fit together? Thank you very much.

Isabelle 1 Isabelle 2


If you were looking to have the door a different colour than the windows, I would suggest you go with a black door and either Storm or Pebble as the window and eavestroughing colours. I suggest Pebble as an option because it will blend well with the reddish brick, multi-coloured stone and your roof. My preference would be Pebble, but Storm would be a close second.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Alauda Construction inc., Bell Aluminum Inc., and Aluminium B. Bouchard Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Jean-Francois – I Need to Replace All My Doors and Windows


Jean-Francois asks,

I need to replace all my doors and windows, as well as the siding and the roof. Actually, I have already picked the colour for the roof: a kind of charcoal grey. It’s mainly the siding that’s giving me trouble; no idea where to start. I would like to use CanExel type siding, no stone or brick. Maybe have an accent on the eaves of the roof and over the garage, like replica-cedar shingles, for example. As for the windows, here also I am at a loss in terms of colours. I would rather leave them white and maybe add colour to the doors, for example. Thank you in advance!


I think a faux cedar shake would look good. Novik makes a nice looking faux cedar shake. No maintenance needed. As for colour of the siding, I would go with something darker to add some colour, like Novik’s Grey Black Blend. White windows would look fine, but in that case, I would go with a bold front door, Black.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Entreprises Yvan d’Aluminium inc., Aluminum A. Fortier, and Aluminium B. Bouchard Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Magali-Anne – We Would Like to Replace our Doors and Windows


Magali-Anne asks,

Good evening. We would like to replace our doors and windows, as well as change the colour of our exterior siding. We hope to modernize the look of our home and at the same time add more contrast (darker windows, lighter siding). We are also planning to cover our front door with a more vibrant colour.

Magalii1 Magali2


To update the look of your home, I would suggest you go with Pebble windows and siding and then go with a Black or Dark Grey door. Replacing the dark brown will give you the modern look you desire.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Groupe Astral, Bell Aluminum Inc., and Alauda Construction inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Patricia – We Need to Replace our Front Door


Patricia asks,

We need to replace our front door, our garage door and our front windows. We would like a makeover without using white anymore. What other colour should we choose? Should we also paint the window trim the same colour as the one on the garage and the front door?



I would suggest that you replace the front door, garage door and windows (and trim) with Pebble. This colour will blend well with the brick colour of your home. If you ever decide to change the white siding on the top portion of the home, I would also suggest you replace it with Pebble siding. If you wanted to have a bold front door, that is a focal point of the home, you could consider a black door.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Georges Allaire Inc. and Bernard Longpré inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.