Replacing soffit, fascia and eavestrough


Gary asks:

Hi, I recently signed a contract with Hubbard in Calgary to replace my soffit, fascia, eavestrough, and corners (the siding will remain same colour which is a light yellow). They told me they use Gentek products. I\’m also planning to paint my house trim, the front door, and garage door. I\’m trying to figure out what colours to use and would appreciate any assistance / guidance in this area. I really like the dark drift colour, and was thinking of using this for the soffit, fascia, eavestrough, corners, and house trim (which will be painted). Would this look okay against the light yellow siding (appears it would be a nice contrast)? Is this too much Dark Drift? Does it make sense to also use Dark Drift on the garage door and front door, or should I go with something a little darker for contrast? Thanks so much for your help.


I just submitted some pictures, with explanation of changes I’m planning to make to exterior of my house, and was hopeful to get your opinion on colour scheme (per below). I mentioned in my submission that I like the dark drift colour, but also wanted to mention that I’m open to others that have similar tone / hue such as Pebble. Earthen, Espresso .. Whatever you think would be a nice combination.


Gary 1 Gary 2 Gary 3Answer:

You are definitely on the right track with Dark Drift.  I like your choice.  I too like the contrast it creates with the yellow siding.  When you put Pebble up against your siding, it looks to green and would not give you the look you desire.  I also do not think that using Dark Drift on your soffit, fascia, eaves and trims is too much.  As for the garage door, I always try to down play the door by painting it the same colour as the main colour of the home. I do not like to have the garage door be a focal point for the home, so painting it close to the yellow of the siding, would help it blend in. I would trim it out with Dark Drift though.  As for the front door, we want this to be a focal point of the home. I would go with a door in a colour similar to Gentek’s Commercial Brown to make it stand out.  You could also consider a deep red door (not bright red – something like Gentek’s Venetian Red) if you were willing to go bold.


20 year old home


Larry asks:

We have a 20-year old home  We bought the home 2 years ago. The windows were replaced by the previous owners 5-6 years ago. Recently, however, I\’ve noted that the paint is peeling in some areas of the casing or facade that surrounds the upper and lower windows where they are bayed out. Upon checking closer, I\’ve determined that the wood of the facades is beginning to get soft. We\’d like to consider having the facades surrounding the upper and lower windows either re-done or re-finished in some way (siding? brick fascia?) We\’d be interested in your suggestions – and we\’re looking for a good contractor to do the work as well!


Larry 1 Larry 2 Larry 3


The easiest fix for this situation would be to replace with a vinyl siding. I would check with your contractor as to exactly what needs to be done, but vinyl siding would look good as a replacement. I would go with Gentek’s Board and Batten siding in Pebble or Dark Drift to compliment the brick on the home.


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Siding, trim, and shutters


Vince asks

I would like to update my siding at the front of the house plus add siding around the front entrance area. I am putting a cypress colour ledgestone natural veneer on the brick surrounding the garage door and bay window. Any input for siding, trim, and shutters colours would be very much appreciated.

Vince 1

I might suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift for your siding and then use either Mountain Arbor or Moonlit Moss (whichever is closest to your Cypress colour) for the soffit, facsia, trim and shutter. This would bring together the ledgestone, brick and roof colours of your home.


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Lynn – We Are Replacing the Siding, Windows, and Garage Door


Lynn asks,

We are replacing the siding, windows, garage door and possibly soffit, fascia and eaves on our house. My husband likes red siding and I tend to lean towards a tan or sage colour. The red brick will probably stay due to the cost of replacing it, however if budget allows, we will be changing the brick out to a rock that matches the chosen siding colour. The shrubs in front of the house will be coming out. We welcome your ideas on windows and siding and if you have any suggestions on garage door, soffit, etc. those comments would be greatly appreciated.

Lynn 3 Lynn 1 Lynn 2


Choosing colours can always be difficult. I would say that you should keep the red brick and save the money. This brick colour looks great with many colours. My suggestions would be Gentek’s Dark Drift siding in a vertical profile like Board and Batten. I would then choose Pebble or Sable for your window, shutters, soffit, fascia and eaves colour. These darker, richer colours are very popular right now and will give the home a more up to date, modern look. I think the front door can be a focal point if you were to go with a bold colour like dark grey or black.

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Wladyslaw – Suggestion regarding colour of siding


Wladyslaw asks,

I’m looking for a suggestion regarding colour of siding. New windows frames are the Iron Ore, front entrance Black. House brick\’s colour is mixed with some red, black, charcoal, brownish. Please advise.

Wladyslaw2 Wladyslaw1 Answer:

My suggestion for your siding would be either Pebble or Dark Drift, it depends on how dark you want to go. These are neutral colours that will blend well with the windows and brick.

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Spring Renovations


Bernie Asks:

We are doing renovations this spring. We are changing the windows, doors and siding. We where looking at white corners with white windows and Gentek Iron Ore colour for the siding. We wanted to put something different in the peaks like the shingles from Foundry Specialty Siding. Which colour would look good from the weathered collection with the Gentek Iron Ore?


Foundry Specialty Siding





Iron Ore is a great choice for the siding. I also like the idea of adding some dimension to the home by using shakes in the gables. I would use something like Pebble or Dark Drift for the shakes to create a rich, modern look for the home.

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Siding Suggestions


Charlene Asks:

Hi there, we are renovating our home, we have chosen iron ore as our soffit fascia color, we have chosen California gold as our brick accents for the corners. We need help matching a siding for the walls, we kind of like stonecrest by Kaycan, I have seen a few people include a rust color.  What we do on the garage will be done on the home. Help



For the siding, I would suggest you go with something more like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke which has some more neutral tones to it and will look good with the Iron Ore soffit and fascia as well as the brick colour you have chosen. You could also go a bit of a different way and go with Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift to add in another lighter colour for contrast.  As for the rust colour, you could consider using copper eavestrough to get that rust look on your home.

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Siding suggestions for home exterior


Kati asks:

We are looking at siding our house. We have to work with the colour of the existing brick on the house. Any suggestions for siding colour and style? Thanks for your assistance!


The colour combination you currently have with the dark grey is actually one of my first choices for the siding on your home.  I would replace the stucco on the home with the dark grey colour you have, using Gentek’s Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke and would change the trim colour to Pebble or Dark Drift to blend together the brick and the grey.  This will also bring the grey colour of the roof into the home as well.

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Updating a home exterior


Karen asks:

PLEASE HELP!! This is my very first home for my daughter and I and it’s an eye sore on my street. I really love dark colours but would like to do something classy. My dream idea would be stone siding underneath the window down to the grass then have a nice siding going the rest of the way up. It’s a small house that has no spunk it just very flat I also need new windows ASAP but I would love to have windows that open the same way up and down.



It is a cute little home with lots of potential. I know that you like the look of the stone underneath, but my only concern with that is that by breaking up the home with two different siding, you will break up the home and it will look even smaller. In this case, I think you should go with a vertical siding, preferably Board and Batten to give the home a look of greater height. The Board and Batten siding will also give the home more of a designer look. To give it even more “spunk” I would go with a darker colour siding, say Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke, and use Pebble or Dark Drift as the soffit, fascia and trim colour. Shutters, designer lighting and nice landscaping will go along way to giving this home the “spunk” you want.

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Choosing siding colour


Lesley asks:

We are renovating our cottage and will be putting in new vinyl windows (white) and replacing the siding. We have narrowed the siding colour down to Moonlit Moss or Windswept Smoke (board and batten vertical) although we are leaning towards Moonlit Moss. We have no idea what to do for the trim colour. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Moonlit Moss is a great choice!  I would suggest you go with either Dark Drift or Pebble to blend with the roof colour.

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