Choosing colours for roof, garage door and front door

Question :

Heather asks :

Looking for help with roof colour as well as garage door and front door colours. We used Canyon clay for the eaves and matched the siding. Sable on the shutters. We are also covering the pillars with wood and would like to know what colour you suggest. Thank you.


Answer :

For your home, I would suggest that you go Canyon Clay for your garage doors. From a design standpoint, you do not want to have the garage door be a focal point so you colour it so it blends in, Canyon Clay. As for the front door, I would go with a nice dark contrast like Black or Gentek’s Iron Ore. You want your front door to be a focal point and the contrast of black or dark grey (Iron Ore) would definitely create that focal point you want.

Advice on window colours


Lee Lee asks:

Can you offer some advice on window colour selection? I have included 3 photos: 1. Front of house (partial view). The shakers around the window above the garage will be replaced with stucco (haven’t picked colour yet – can you suggest a stucco colour that would complement the window colour you might suggest? I went to the stucco company and they do have Gentek colours to choose from). I have included a couple house photos as a reminder.. The wood between the bay windows is also being replaced. 2. Back of house 3. Close up of brick colour Thanks, Lee Lee.

Lee Lee


You have a lot of options here but if you are looking for something a bit different, I would suggest that chose Iron Ore windows. Dark colours are very modern looking and gaining in popularity. Iron Ore blends well with the dark grey in the brick. If you chose Iron Ore for the brick, I might suggest you chose a more neutral colour like Wicker or Canyon Clay for the stucco colour.  If that is too bold, I would chose either Wicker or Canyon Clay for the windows and then Storm for the stucco.



Updating home exterior


Jennifer asks:

We are looking to update the exterior of our home. We want something in the grey family, but don’t know where to begin. Do you have any suggestions?



Dark Grey colours are very popular right now and can give you a modern look as well. Gentek’s Windswept Smoke along with Pebble trim and shutters would be very attractive, but it would definitely be darker than your home currently is. If you would like to go with something a little lighter you could try Gentek’s Storm of the siding with Canyon Clay trim and shutters.

Constructing an addition


Joanne asks:

Hi, I have a field stone and we are constructing an addition (garage etc). It will be Maibec board and batten. We are hoping to keep the siding and trim muted so the house remains the focal point. We have chosen Maibec Pepperwood and are struggling with the Gentek trim colour which will be applied to the old house and the new. We are thinking Wicker, or Canyon Clay as we want it to be lighter than the Board and batten. What would be the best trim colour, in your view?



I love your choice of Pepperwood in the Maibec product, my suggestion would be to go with Monterey Sand rather than Wicker or Canyon Clay. I think both of these colour look like they are in conflict with Pepperwood. Monterey Sand blends better with the siding and the stone better than either Wicker or Canyon Clay.

Suggestions for a new build


Tammy asks:

We are building a new home and really like the craftsman style. We want to add that to our home via the siding and trim and are wondering what you would suggest. We are open to using multiple colours and styles (B&B, Clapboard & Shakes).



I would suggest that you use the Board and Batten Siding for the majority of the house and go with a shake or scallop. Gentek makes both products. As for colour, there are so many options you could go with. One suggestion I would have it to go with Gentek’s Espresso with Black trim and accent colours and a lighter colour in the shakes or scallops, maybe Pebble or Canyon Clay.

Choosing colours for eaves and soffits


Kelly asks:

What colour would look best with brown eaves and soffits? One side of the house is stucco the other side is field stone (grey stones). The garage has no field stones but does have greyish-brown bricks at the base of the garage. Both buildings are currently white stucco.



I think that a neutral brown tone like Pebble or Canyon Clay will look good with the existing soffit and eaves colour and bricks. I would suggest that you try a vertical siding to add some height the building as well.

Redoing home exterior


Kate asks:

Hi, we are redoing our roof, siding, softfits, eaves troughs and windows. The windows will be done in a colour that’s a very close match to Gentek’s Canyon Clay. We are debating whether to do the siding in Canyon Clay or Windswept Smoke. We would like to use one of the two colours as the siding colour and the other as a trim and accent colour, but aren’t sure which one to choose. The big peak  will be 1/3 siding and 2/3 siding shakes. Any suggestions you can offer would be welcome. Thanks.



Without a doubt, I like the use of these two colours together. I would suggest Windswept Smoke as the siding and Canyon Clay for the soffit, fascia, eaves and windows. In the gable, use Windswept smoke for both the siding and the shakes. The use of the Windswept Smoke as the siding, will blend well with the brick and bring out the dark grey tones within it.