Siding colours for our home


Marty asks:


We are trying to decide on siding colours for our home. We are looking at the Gentek sequoia line and will likely do a combination of board and batten and horizontal siding as well as an accent wall in stone. We have a brown metal roof and currently the house is painted in cedar tones. We would like to stay away from Browns and beiges. We thought of Venetian red as a choice but think it might look too “barn-like”. Leaning now towards windswept smoke or dark drift with white trim. Any advice ?

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I do agree with you, the red would create the barn look you don’t want.  I like Windswept Smoke with a white trim to give a more traditional look. It you would like to go a bit more modern you could try Pebble or Canyon Clay as the trim colour for the home.  Either option would look great, it is more a decision based on your taste.

Bill – We Need to Do Our Exterior


Bill asks,

We need to do our exterior but we’ve already done half of our windows with sandalwood, so we’re in a position where we have to choose the siding and soffit colours to match the windows. The front of the house is finished with coloured concrete fake stone look. Lots of colours in the stone. The rest of the house is orange/red brick. We’re open to any suggestions but we don’t want really dark siding. Thanks.

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You are right, there are many colours you can take from the stone. My first suggestion would be to go with either Canyon Clay vinyl siding in Board and Batten. The Sandalwood windows will look great with the Canyon Clay siding and the Board and Batten siding will add a different look to the home. If you can, I would also paint your garage door Canyon Clay as well to finish it off.

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Preety – Redoing the Exterior of Our Home


Preety asks,

We are looking at redoing the exterior of our home. We are thinking of painting our brick to match new siding, also at replacing window trim/soffits/fascia/gutter colours. Our roof will remain the same as will the interlocking (with the exception of some of the large pink boulders which will be replaced, probably with gray tones). What colours would you recommend? We were thinking of Windswept Smoke siding (and brick colour) with Canyon Clay windows/soffits/fascia/gutter. However, I am wondering if Windswept Smoke has a green undertone (I prefer the greys), and I am also worried that the Canyon Clay may look the house look muted, and was wondering if we went with Windswept Smoke if we should keep the white instead for the accent. What colours would you recommend?

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Windswept Smoke is one of those colours that can look different depending on the colours you pair with it. It you pair it with Canyon Clay, it may look like it has a green tone to it. If you matched it with Pebble, it would look more like a true grey tone. Windswept Smoke and Pebble are a popular combination right now. If you are willing to go a bit darker, I might also suggest Iron Ore with Pebble, which will give you an even darker grey and contrasting Pebble, which will definitely not look muted. You could definitely keep your white trims (columns, windows and doors) and still get the look you desire.

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Diane – I Want to Update the Look of a Home We Have Just Purchased


Diane asks,

I want to update the look of a home we have just purchased. I want to remove the cedar shrub covering the front entrance and large tree. The roof is metal and I would like to paint it a Gentek colour (I am leaning towards coastal blue). I would like the new gutter system to be the same colour as the roof. I would like to replace the vinyl siding and would like suggestions on a colour, that would tie in with the blue roof and gutters. I want to update the rancher into a cute cottage feel.

Diane 3 Diane 1 Answer:

Coastal Blue is a brighter colour and if you paint your roof that colour, people’s eyes are going to be drawn to the roof. I am not sure if this is what you want. If you want to go with a blue roof, I would go with something more like Gentek’s Midnight Surf and when you can go with a bolder siding colour to give you the cute cottage look. I might even suggest you paint the roof a darker grey and then use Coastal Blue for the siding with white trim and windows. This would definitely give you the cute look you are going for. If you are going to stick with Coastal Blue on the roof, I would go with something neutral on the home like Canyon Clay or Wicker for the siding. Along with the white trim you would get the desired affect.

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Donna B. – Wondering About Some Versetta Stone for Accent


Donna asks,

We are changing siding and wondering about adding some versetta stone for accent but not sure where to place it. I can’t seem to find many samples of a simple bungalow. Also, we just had windows replaced and shingles are only a couple years old so kind of tied to the browns which I’m a little disappointed about. I was wondering if your design software would give me an opportunity to try different options.

Donna B.


If you wanted to add some Versetta Stone to your home, I would install it at the bottom of the home, up to the bottom of the windows. From there I would install Gentek’s vertical Board and Batten siding to create some height on the home. There are many colour combinations you can use to incorporate the white windows and brown roof. I would suggest something like the tight cut profile in Terra Rosa for the Versetta Stone and then use Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Juniper Grove in the Board and Batten siding. You could then use Monterey Sand or Canyon Clay as the accent colour to tie it all together. This would create a clean look for the home.

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Robin – New Siding, Soffits, Fascia, and Eaves


Robin asks,

We are looking to get all new siding, soffits, fascia, eaves and have a new front door ordered which is coming in “sable” colour. I would like to get the soffit and fascia and eaves in the sable color as well. I also like pebble and canyon clay as accent colors. The entrance and piece above garage I would like in either pebble or canyon clay but also need to choose color for garage door?? Do those 3 colors go well together or should I just choose between 2. Roof color is going to be done this week in Canadian driftwood. Also do you think the piece above garage and entrance way would look good with shaker style siding and in what color?

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Sable is a great choice for your home. As for your accent colours, I would stick with 1 of Pebble or Canyon Clay. With the colour of the brick in the equation, 4 different colours might be a bit much. I like the darker Pebble to go along with your Sable door, soffit, fascia and eaves. This colour combination would have one dark colour (sable), one medium tone (Pebble) and one lighter tone (your brick). As for using a shake siding above the garage door, I do not think I would do that because there would be too many textures fighting with each other on the home. If you wanted to change it up, try a vertical siding, instead of horizontal.

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Colour suggestions for a new home


Aleksandra asks:

Hi there, we are building a new home. Here is an artist’s rendition of the house. We were thinking of doing a chocolate brick on the bottom (first floor) with 3 feet of stone at the bottom and posts, not sure what colour stone 3 feet from the bottom (something neutral), possibly a black roof and considering a green shade of vertical siding- what would you suggest. We were thinking mountain arbour or moonlit moss. Not sure what colour would go best for the trim/windows…any suggestions? Thank you.


With the stone and brick choices you have made, I think green siding would be a good choice. I personally like the darker Moonlit Moss for your home and I would trim it with the Canyon Clay for the soffit, fascia, eaves and window trim. This will give you a modern classic look.

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Suggestions for home exterior trim colours


Michelle asks:

Looking for advice on accent and trim colours to go with either your Sage or Canyon Clay siding. We are planning to add a gable above the picture window as the accent, the windows and doors will also have bronze-coloured cladding. The roof will be dark grey.


Both of these colours would look good on the home, and I actually think these colours work well together. If you went with Canyon Clay siding, Sage would make a nice trim colour. If you went with Sage, Canyon Clay would make a nice trim colour. Canyon Clay does have some green tones to it so they blend well together. My first choice would be Canyon Clay trimmed with Sage if you are keeping the stucco as it is. The bronze coloured gable you are adding above the window will look good against the Canyon Clay siding, again brining my choice for the siding back to Canyon Clay.

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Recommendations for siding


Charlene asks:

Hi there we have just finished an indoor renovation that we put a small addition on which led to not enough lovely blue siding which is 24 years old. To make it work we put grey/black blend nova shakes in the peaks of the house. We have a cape cod style home. I really like the shakes, we have now decided that the blue siding has to go. What color of Gentek siding would you recommend to go with the shakes? Can I go with a brown tone or grey? Thanks so much.














The colour of siding you have chosen is very nice and in my opinion would look very modern with a brown tone like Gentek’s Wicker or Canyon Clay.  These are very neutral tones and will blend well with the blue tone of the siding. Grey would be my second choice and if I was to go that route I would chose Gentek’s Storm or Sable. Both of these colour have a brown undertone to them which would blend well with the existing siding.  But again, my first choice would be Canyon or Wicker.

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Colour choices for new build


Lisa asks:

Hi, I am working on having a new home built by Guildcrest homes. I need some help with the exteriors, particularly the side since I have a corner lot. They mentioned that the vinyl siding that they would be using would be Gentec-Driftwood. Attached is the elevation plan, a colour example I did from your site that I liked and a mock-up I did where I added a cross gable. I have been thinking of adding stone veneer up to underneath the lower windows. I tried to show this in the mock-up and then had a ribbon going up to the cross gable, though, I think may look too industrial. The balcony railing. I’m planning on choosing white, thought I think there is also some brown options. Many Thanks, Lisa

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It looks like you have chosen a neutral tone like Pebble or Canyon Clay as the siding colour on your mock up. This is a great choice and I do agree that you should install a stone veneer on the bottom portion of the home.Most stone veneers on the market include both grey and brown or neutral tones that would blend well with the Canyon Clay or Pebble tones that you have chosen. It would not look too industrial, this is a very modern look. To add some more dimension to the home, you could consider using Storm or Windswept Smoke as your trim, soffit, fascia and eavestrough colour to blend with the stone veneer. The combination of brown and greys is very popular right now and will give you a modern look.

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