What colour would you suggest?


Claudine asks:


We will be replacing the eavestrough in the Spring and would like to go with a windswept smoke as the colour or stay in the grey tones – sick of the taupe, brown colours – will also be replacing our front door and garage door to match.  (Sorry only picture is of the back of the house).  What colour would you suggest?

Claudine 1




I like Windswept Smoke with your brick colour you could also try Gentek’s Sable colour as an option for your soffit, fascia and eaves. It is a grey colour that has some brown undertones that would blend well with the brick.

Reside my whole house


Treena asks:

I would like to reside my whole house, get rid of the brick, window boxes and shutters. We are also redoing the fascia, sofit and eves. Our fence is a solid stain in Behr Cordovan Brown. Would like help on siding color, trim, etc. Something that compliments the fence, open to anything! Would like the wow factor if that is possible.

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I actually like the red brick on your home and I would love to see you keep it.  I would then use siding on the home in Iron Ore and then use Pebble or Dark Drift as your soffit, fascia and trim colour.  This would give you the Wow factor you are looking for.

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Peter Van Egmond and Sons,  Quality Exterior Systems Inc. and  Greenlee Siding & Windows

I need to side the front of my garage


Brent asks:

I need to side the front of my garage and side as you will notice in photo. That is my primary concern. This is a house in an area of lower value homes so low cost is priority. As you can see from the front it will be difficult to tie in as we want to avoid stucco. We would like to consider covering the front area where you see the swirled stucco with similar siding as we plan to do on the side and front of the garage. We may also consider painting the bricks and adding some other features to improve the look. Thanks for your help.

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If you are taking cost into consideration, vinyl siding would be your best option.  It is the best value with low maintenance. Painting the brick would be fine. I would chose to paint the brick a darker colour than the siding you are choosing. Go lighter with the vinyl siding. I would maybe suggest something like a darker grey for the brick and then using a colour like Gentek’s Storm for the siding with white soffit, fascia eaves and trim.

Front entrance


Brandi asks:


Hi, We will be replacing our  and are having trouble deciding on a colour and style. We tend to like more traditional styles. Our windows are North Star sandalwood and the garage doors are CHI desert tan. We are debating between keeping the door and sidelights different colours or having the entire entrance one colour. We are thinking of changing the door to a dark brown and also changing the shutters to match. We like the executive steel doors or a 2 panel wood grain fibreglass door. The other thing we are debating is whether to keep the traditional colonial style sidelights and transom but maybe changing to full length sidelights and adding a privacy glass (i.e. diamond glass) in the sidelights and perhaps the transom as well to match. Alternatively we like the Novatech glass designs (i.e. bistro or liano) that you can get with the Gentek doors but aren\’t sure if they suit our home. Do you have any suggestions for door color and glass styles to suit our home?


Brandi 1 Brandi 2 Brandi 3Answer:

I would like to see you go with a darker brown for the front door and shutters. Gentek’s Espresso or Chestnut Brown would look good.  It would blend well with the brown in the brick.  I would go with the same colour for the entire door, including side lites.  As for the decorative glass. I think your home will look good with the decorative glass, but just make sure that the tones in the glass do not include pinks or blues, they should have more neutral tones in them.  Browns, creams etc.

Audrey – We Would Like to Refresh Our House’s Exterior Siding


Audrey asks,

Our house dates from the 50s and we would like to refresh its exterior siding to give it a nice, clean look.
After having recently had the brick joints repointed, we are now looking forward to replacing the doors and windows, as well as wondering what to do about the shutters. We would appreciate some advice on a choice of colours and a type of door that would match the style of the house. Should we keep the lighter colours or go with darker ones, like Iron Ore or black? As for the door, we were thinking of a glassed-in type to allow more light into the home, but it’s impossible to add a transom or a girder. In addition, at the back of the house we have a white solarium, which we don’t want to touch.
Finally, we would also like to refresh or replace the stained and damaged aggregate at the top. Our roof is brown and still in good condition. We are also wondering if the soffit and the roughcast, both currently white, should have another colour in order to blend in with the rest. What colours and what types of materials can you recommend?

Audrey 2 Audrey 1


Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke would look great with your existing brick. This colour combination is very popular right now and will give your home an updated look. I would replace the stucco on the top of the home with a vertical siding in Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke. I would then replace or paint the windows Gentek’s Pebble to create a great contrast. I would then install Pebble coloured shutters on the large window on the front and on the windows at the top of the home. As for the front door, I would go with Black for the door and yes, go with a simple glass panel for the door to add in the additional light you desire. This simple door can add as much to the home as a door with fancy glass.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Quality Aluminum Inc., Aluminium De Quality inc., and Aluminium Cosmopolitan. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Kate – We Are Building a New House


Kate asks,

We are building a new house and are not sure what to put in the large peak. We have picked out a grey brick for the house so we were wondering about doing a grey cedar siding in both peaks, but we are not sure if there should be an accent. We are open to any ideas, either to do with the brick or if you have any other ideas on what would look good on the house.

Kate 1Answer:

I like the idea of a shake in the gables to add some texture to the home. If they bricks are a light grey, I would go with a darker grey shake in the gable. If the brick is a darker grey, go with a lighter grey shake in the gable. This will create a nice contrast and draw the eye to the attractive cedar shake.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Ind-Can Aluminum, Langlands Home Improvements, and Fralick Aluminum Ltd. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Jasmine – Redo the Siding on our Home


Jasmine asks,

Hello. We would like to redo the siding on our home. We aim to keep the pink brick and the brown asphalt shingles, while replacing the vinyl. We would like to install some horizontal vinyl siding; but which colour? Could we please see what it would look like with the following colours: Mist Blue 126, Rockwell Blue 637 and Midnight Surf 652?

Jasmine 2Jasmine mockup 2 Jasmine mock up


Out of the colours you have suggested, my recommendation would be the darker Midnight Surf. Mist Blue was discontinued many years ago, so it will not be an option. We have mocked up one of your shots with the Rockwell blue and Midnight Surf. My first choice is Midnight Surf. The darker richer colour gives it more of a modern look.

Your closest Gentek Renovator is G. Belanger Construction. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Kara – We are building a new home


Kara asks,

Hi we are building a new home. I’m needing help choosing our siding colour and our soffit and fascia colours. Our house will be red brick with the bottom stone colour a dark grey colour. Help, I have no idea!!!



I have a couple of suggestions for your soffit and fascia. You could choose a colour like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke to bring out the grey tones in the stone. You could go with a more subtle colour and choose Gentek’s Pebble to blend with the red brick as well as the stone. Windswept Smoke would be a bit bolder and darker, Pebble would be a bit more subtle. It really matters on your tastes.

Your nearest Gentek Renovators are Fralick Aluminum Ltd. and  Langlands Home Improvements. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.


Patricia – Colour for front doors and garage doors


Patricia asks,

What color should I choose for my front doors and garage doors if I replace my windows with Pebble?

Patricia 2 Rocha Patricia12


The obvious choice for me with the Pebble windows would be Sable for your doors. This blends well with both the brick and the pebble.

Your closest Gentek Renovator is Edmunds Roofing, Forward Construction, and M&M Window Co. Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Peter – Looking to replace the siding on both the front and back of my house


Peter asks,

I am looking to replace the siding on both the front and back of my house. They do not need to be the same colour. Do you have any colour recommendations? I don’t mind the white on the front of the house, but I have grown to really dislike the yellow on the back. The brick is “Toronto White”, but it is more of a light yellow.

Peter2 Peter1


I actually think that the white on the front kind of washed out the colour of the brick. If you were to replace it with a darker colour like Windswept smoke in both the front and the back, it would give the brick a new look and update the look of the home.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are John’s AluminumMinard Home Improvement, and George Kent Home Improvements. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.