Please help me make my home look amazing


Danelle asks:


I am in need of some designer help. We bought our home last year. It\’s a 1977 4 level split. We are replacing all of the windows and doing Siding. I\’m having such a hard time with colour choice. The windows will be white trim and the rock face is going also as we feel it ages the home. I\’m thinking of a charcoal grey with white trim but I\’m not sure lol. The home sits on 6 acres and is beautiful but I just need some suggestions please help me make my home look amazing.




I like the stone and I think with the right colour of siding I think the home will look much more modern.  I would go with a darker look for your siding like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or even Iron Ore and then trim the windows with Gentek’s Pebble colour.  I love the combination of these two colours and with that stone, it would look great.  People are paying to have stone like this put on the home.  If you still want to replace it, I would still chose the same colour combinations, and I would use Gentek’s Board and Batten where the stone is and around the window on the right and then shakes in the gable.


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Siding material and color to use around the garage doors


Jackson asks:

What siding material and color to use around the garage doors? What siding material and color to use around front entrance? What siding material and color to use on second story? We have a modern design esthetic. Budget is flexible.


Jackson 1 Jackson 2


I would love to see you use Gentek’s Windswept Smoke on the second story of the home and around the garage door.  I like the stone on the home and this colour will blend well with the tones in the stone as well as the front door. Around the garage door I would use stucco and on the second story I would use Gentek’s Board and Batten siding for easy maintenance.  I would also suggest that you change the colour of the shutters on the second floor to  Gentek’s Pebble to blend well with the siding and the stone.

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Replace the old wooden siding


Yuri asks:


Hello, I would like to replace the old wooden siding on the house which is original from 1956! I\’m thinking of going with Board and Batten style and perhaps a darker color than what is there right now. The window frames are black and the house has two different colors of brick, red and yellow. Any suggestions for the color of siding and eaves? Thank you!


Yuri 1 Yuri 2


You have some great tones in your home.  I would suggest you go with Gentek’s Board and Batten vinyl siding in Windswept Smoke.  This colour looks great with the yellow and red brick and will blend well with the black windows and grey roof. You can do the eaves in the same colour or you can chose Gentek’s Sable. Either would look good.

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Doing a window project this fall


KC asks:


I\’m doing a window project this fall, and I\’m thinking it might be best to do siding/eaves troughs at the same time. Any thoughts on something more current than baby blue would be appreciated. I\’m hoping for a dark grey or greygreen, and I like the board and batten look, but not sure if the house can support it. Vinyl siding is what I had in mind. (Windows will be white vinyl -gentek)


KC 1 KC 2Answer:

You would definitely be able to use Board and Batten and my suggestion would be Gentek’s Windswept Smoke as both your siding and eaves.  I would also paint or change your shutters to Windswept Smoke as well.  This colour will look good with your roof, brick and window colours.


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New construction – stone and vinyl.


Nikki asks:


This is a new construction and I don\’t like the looks of the attached design – any ideas? We will be going with stone and vinyl siding.


Nikki 1Answer:

My suggestion for your home would be to go with stone on the bottom, vertical Board and Batten in the middle portion of the home and then use a shake product in the gable.  The Board and Batten profile will bring the eye upwards and give the sense of increased height for your home.  I think putting the vertical profile on the top, like in the attached design, actually makes the home look shorter than it is.  I would continue this look on all sides of the home to create a unified look.

Siding and Windows


Tammy asks:


Hi, We are re doing our siding and windows. What are some color options if we go with dark windows(as in a sable or Storm color) or if we go with white windows. We have dark brown brick and a brown roof. We were thinking of canyon clay or Monterey sand for siding but were wondering if there was other options and what colors we should consider for trim. Also we really like the board and batten look. Thank you for your help


Tammy 1Answer:

My first choice for your siding would be Pebble regardless of your window colour.  If I had to make a choice I would suggest you go with Sable windows and Pebble siding.  If you can, replace your soffit, fascia and eaves, change them to Sable as well.  This will complete the look of your home.

20 year old home


Larry asks:

We have a 20-year old home  We bought the home 2 years ago. The windows were replaced by the previous owners 5-6 years ago. Recently, however, I\’ve noted that the paint is peeling in some areas of the casing or facade that surrounds the upper and lower windows where they are bayed out. Upon checking closer, I\’ve determined that the wood of the facades is beginning to get soft. We\’d like to consider having the facades surrounding the upper and lower windows either re-done or re-finished in some way (siding? brick fascia?) We\’d be interested in your suggestions – and we\’re looking for a good contractor to do the work as well!


Larry 1 Larry 2 Larry 3


The easiest fix for this situation would be to replace with a vinyl siding. I would check with your contractor as to exactly what needs to be done, but vinyl siding would look good as a replacement. I would go with Gentek’s Board and Batten siding in Pebble or Dark Drift to compliment the brick on the home.


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Vertical siding with verseta stone



Jim asks:


I would like to reside with vertical siding and verseta stone ,leaning towards a earth tone ,with horizontal shake siding on peaks.


Jim 1 Jim 2 Jim 3


I like your idea of stone on the bottom and shakes in the peak.  I assume you are looking for guidance with colours.  I might suggest you try the Versetta Stone product in the Tight Cut profile in Plum Creek on the bottom with Windswept Smoke in the Board and Batten siding with Foundry’s Shake in the peaks in Pebble.  The Plum Creek has both grey and brown tones in it so all of the colours will blend well together.


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Heritage home


James asks

I have a heritage home whose present cladding is cedar shingles. These need to be replaced due to aging and weather deterioration. I am now 66 years old and would like to remain in the home for retirement. However, if I re-clad with shingles, in 10 years I may not be able to paint the structure myself, and painting help is not easily available. I am thinking about going with vinyl siding, particularly board and batten.


James 1 James 2Answer:

Going with vinyl Board and Batten siding would be the best option in your situation.  Vinyl siding is low maintenance and would let you enjoy your retirement years without worry.  I will assume you are keeping the roof colour as is, so my suggest Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbour for your home to keep a similar look for your home.  If you were open to a different colour, I might also suggest Coastal Blue which is a brighter colour and would look good with your reddish roof.


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Replacing wood siding


Matthew asks:

I am looking to replace the wood siding. I was thinking of vinyl board and bat. But open to any suggestions.


Matthew 1 Matthew 2



The use of Board and Batten would definitely give the home a different look, but I think it would be a good look.  I would suggest that you go with something a little lighter than the dark brown.  Gentek’s Monterey Sand would give you a different look for your home and lighten it up a bit.  If you like the darker tones, I would suggest you try Gentek’s Espresso colour which is a deep rich brown tone, but my first preference is still for the lighter colour, Monterey Sand.

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