Siding for home exterior renovation


Stephane asks:

Hi there. We are renovating the exterior of our home and have decided to go with Gentek to replace the existing siding. We are drawn to gray tones and would appreciate your advice as to whether either of these colours would work with the existing brick (and whether there are other colours you think we should consider). Iron ore (would this be too dark?) Windswept smoke (worried this has green undertones in it). We will also be removing the shutters and putting a trim/border around the white windows. Would you recommend using a coloured trim (if so, what shade) or white? Lastly, any recommendations you may have regarding the colour for the garage and front doors would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!


I like the idea of the Iron Ore. Dark rich colours are very modern looking and look classic for years to come. If you feel this is too dark, I would suggest you go with Storm in a vertical siding and trim it out with Sable. I would get aluminum shutters in Sable and change the colour of the garage door to Sable as well. The Sable door will allow the door to blend into the home and not be a focal point. Your eye would be drawn to the other portions of the home. As for your front door, I would suggest you go Black or Iron Ore to create a bold door which your eye will be drawn to.

Your closest Gentek contractors are Renovaction Home ImprovementsEner-Tight Windows & Doors Ltd. and Basic Home Improvements. Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

Choosing complementary colours for home exterior


Faten asks:

I have recently selected the CASHMERE aluminium trim and we now wanted to put up gutters . I wanted a contrast to create multi dimensions but I’m afraid it won’t look nice if I choose a grey or black for example vs sticking with the same colour as my gutters. The side of my house has the grey storm Sidings also from your brand. Would you am have an recommendations on what would work best?











To get that multi-dimensional look you desire, I would go bold and do the gutters in Black. This would create a great contrast with the Cashmere and the grey tones in the bricks. A very modern looking home.

Siding colour for board and batten


Christine asks:

Hi, was wondering if you could suggest a vertical board and batten color where the siding is in the picture. I really like the Storm color but not sure it matches with the brick. I also would like to know if I should paint the capping on the windows and if so what color. We are getting new garage doors next year and was wondering what color to paint them if at all. I also need a suggestion for the front door. I am desperate for some advice. Thank you so much for all your help. Christine Matthews.










Christine, Storm would be a good choice for the siding, but I think a better choice would be Gentek’s Windswept Smoke. The darker shade would give a more modern look. I would paint the capping on the windows the same colour as the siding and I might suggest that you paint the garage doors Windswept Smoke as well. This will help them blend into the home, as you do not want them to be a focal point. As for the front door, why not go Black. That would be a bold choice and would make the door an inviting focal point for your home.


Replacing windows and garage door


Erica asks:

Hi, we are replacing our windows and garage door. My first colour choice is sable (547) for the windows and the garage door – I am not sure if it will look too dark against the brick, especially for the garage door. The other colours that we considered were pebble (559), storm (570), and dark drift (557). We would then paint the front door another colour – potentially a darker shade of the brick colour. I am hoping for a more modern look with the darker (but not brown) windows. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Erica, I like your choice of Sable for you windows. I think it will blend well with the dark tones in the brick. Darker colour windows give a modern look and they will look great on this house. As for the garage, I might suggest that you go with Pebble as to not make it a focal point. The darker Sable colour would make the garage door stand out, and I don’t think you want the garage door to be the first thing people notice. Using Pebble would make the garage door blend in more with the brick and your eye would be drawn to your upper windows and your front door. Speaking of your front door, I would suggest you go with a dark bold colour, like Sable or even Black. This would draw your eye to the door and be the focal part of your home.

Black Is The New White For Trim & Window Colours






Are you looking for something a little different for the exterior trim or window colours of your home?

Right now, dark colours are the biggest trend.  Homeowners are choosing dark greys, dark browns and dark blues for a sophisticated, classy look.

But it might come as a surprise that one of the biggest trends is using black for trim and window colours on your home’s exterior.  In fact, while ‘Orange Is The New Black’ may be one of the hottest shows on television, when it comes to household exteriors, it could be argued that Black is the new White!

Black trim always makes sense for a white house. But people are getting more and more daring, with fantastic results.  Black is being used to trim out homes that are prominently cladded in neutral colours like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift and even Gentek’s Iron Ore and Windswept Smoke.



These colour combinations create a modern, upscale look that many homeowners desire.  You will also see black being used with many lighter, more traditional colours like Dover Grey and of course White.

If you want to make something stand out, black makes a perfect highlight. It works great for windows too, especially if they’re on the larger side. If windows are the eyes of your home, Black makes for a very attractive eyeliner.

Gentek eavestrough, soffit, fascia and windows are all available in Black. Maybe it’s time you took a trip to the dark side, to make the beauty of your home’s exterior really stand out.