Gentek’s Trend Setting Product Sagiper – Featured on Backyard Builds

2017-05-08Sagiper is one of the hottest home design trends of 2017. Made to look like wood without the upkeep, the maintenance free siding option is the perfect way to give any home exterior a gorgeous, natural look. The highly durable vinyl was designed for the outdoors, providing high resistance to UV rays, water absorption and humidity. Plus, it can be used for interior walls and ceiling applications as well.

In the Media

Sagiper was recently featured on the HGTV Backyard Builds ‘Kids’ Clubhouse’ episode, where a garage is turned into a kids’ arts and music hangout. With a son who plays the drums and a daughter who tap dances and plays violin, these parents knew they needed a space where their kids could flourish outside (but close to) the family home. With the use of Sagiper, the hangout is transformed into a kids’ clubhouse any parent would be happy to have in their yard.

Customize with Sagiper

Available in an array of colours, your style will shine through with Sagiper. The highly durable vinyl can give any exterior or interior a facelift, whether it’s adding an exterior addition, outfitting a mobile home, or spicing up your living room with a feature wall. The tongue and groove panels add texture and detail where you need it most, so your space is instantly transformed.

The high-quality look and feel of the Sagiper product line is noticeable at first glance. It has revolutionized the renovation industry, with durability and aesthetics combined. Born in Europe, it was introduced to North America in 2012, and is booming as one of 2017’s most coveted trends.

The Details

While Sagiper is hot from a design standpoint, it’s also one of the most functional products on the market today. The vinyl coating is insect proof, keeping away any unwanted critters. It also has a low expansion and contraction coefficient, making it durable in any climate, and where the temperature is constantly changing. The exterior vinyl coating repels dirt and is easily cleaned, and the vinyl colour will never fade.

Sagiper has a water absorption level of 0.04% making it ideal for areas of high humidity and homes near the coastline where corrosion is typical due to sea spray. It absorbs more than 97% UV radiation, increasingly its longevity and durability.

The Last Word

If you’ve been looking for the perfect material to outfit your home, and love the look of wood, but are turned off by the high maintenance that comes with it, you can stop your search at Sagiper. This trendsetting product is available at Gentek in all different colours to suit your design needs. Customize you interior or exterior with a high-quality product that’s eye-catching and trendy.

Are you renovating your home? What do you think of the Sagiper product line?



Backyard Builds – Part 1

Backyard Builds is the latest craze on the HGTV Canada network. It also just so happens to be one of Gentek’s partners, featuring a ton of their donated product on multiple episodes of the show! Viewers can tune in to see how contractor Brian McCourt and designer Sarah Keenleyside transform outdoor spaces into one-of-a-kind backyards tailored exactly to the homeowners’ needs.

All About Backyard Builds

Backyard Builds highlights the endless opportunities found in our outdoor spaces. While most home shows focus on renovating the inside of the house, Backyard Builds aims to transform how we think about our backyards. From a cake studio, to a parent’s only hideaway to a tree house with a zip line, Brian and Sarah work with the homeowners to maximize their outdoor potential and create incredibly unique spaces tailored specifically to their family.

Whether you’re outgrowing your space, feeling crammed and unable to fulfill your passions, or want an epic backyard for your kids, no task is out of the question on Backyard Builds.

The Episodes Featuring Gentek’s Products

Tree house Village – April 6 2017

Every child dreams of having a tree house in their backyard, but these parents went one step further, working with Brian and Sarah to design an entire tree house village on their one-acre forested property. Ideal for the new blended family, the oasis has everything from a meditation room to a family lounge and a zip line. The tree house is equipped with Gentek’s High Performance Regency Windows for durability and maximum energy savings, and Gentek’s gorgeous Shake Siding.

Cake Studio – April 13 2017

See a baker and mother of two get her dream cake studio in the comfort of her own backyard with the use of Gentek’s beautifully crafted Board and Batten Vinyl Siding and Prestige Trims. Not only that, Brian and Sarah incorporate a faux terrain soccer area for the boys, and family-sized deck for her husband. The backyard is transformed into an open-concept living space with something for everyone to enjoy.

His & Hers Hideaway – April 20 2017

With four kids under ten years old, and a busy, busy schedule, this couple needed a secluded space they could call their own. Brian and Sarah help the on-the-go parents create a parent’s only hideaway in their backyard where they can relax and unwind. And no hideaway is complete without doors to keep it private. Gentek’s Doors completed the backyard oasis for the much-deserving parents.

Missed some of the episodes? You can catch all these Backyard Builds episodes online at