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The Tiny Home Craze: What is a Tiny Home and is it for You?

There’s no denying that tiny homes are having a major moment. With the rise of minimalism and simple living, mixed with booming home prices, tiny homes seem to be the ideal solution. They’re cute, functional, and have just enough room for all your necessities. Lots of homeowners are choosing to downsize and simplify their lives by living with less, and they’re moving into tiny homes in place of big, spacious houses. But is tiny home living for you?

What is a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes typically refer to homes that are 400 square feet or smaller. They can be rented or owned, but a large percentage of tiny home dwellers own their tiny homes, and many of them choose to design and build their own tiny house.

Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, but they all carry the same benefits: Lower cost, a smaller environmental footprint, and the ability to live free from debt and hefty mortgages. Some tiny homes are parked on the land of a larger home or building, and some have their own lot. Others are constructed on a trailer so they can be easily moved and traveled in. There are plenty of options when it comes to tiny homes!

Designing Your Tiny Home

If tiny home living sounds like just what you need, designing your tiny home is the next step! Here are 3 main things to consider when designing your tiny home.

1. Siding

The siding you choose for your tiny home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing your house. You want your tiny home to be cladded in the strongest, most durable, and most stylish material available. Vinyl siding is chosen again and again for its beauty, durability and low maintenance, making it a premier choice for your tiny home. Or, if you want the look of wood for your tiny home, go for a steel siding like Distinction siding that will give you the gorgeous look of real wood, without the high maintenance.

2. Windows

Windows will be another key feature of your tiny home, since they can help make your little space feel a lot bigger. Windows have the ability to expand your space, so you don’t feel like you’re too closed in. The windows you choose will depend on your design style and the functionality you’re looking for. Vinyl and aluminum windows are both great options for your tiny home. Do your research to figure out which style and material will work best for you!

3. Explore Multifunctionality

Multifunctionality will be your saving grace when designing your tiny home. Look for a coffee table that opens up into storage space, a bookshelf that turns into a desk, an ironing board that doubles as a full length mirror…you get the gist. You should also consider more innovative architecture, like having a bunk bed that comes out from the wall at night, but is tucked away during the day.

The tiny home craze is on the rise. Are you ready to join in?

Are Skylights Worth the Risk? Pros and Cons

Skylights are one of the top ways to elevate and add beauty to your home. They open your space to the gorgeous blue sky and let the sun shine in, brightening your space. However, without an experienced roofing contractor and a high quality skylight, the costs of having a skylight could out weight the benefits. One thing’s for sure: If you’re going to install a skylight, you want to do it right. Check out the pros and cons of having a skylight in your home.


Let the Light In

The biggest draw of skylights is that they let light into your home in rooms that may otherwise be dark and dreary. Perhaps you have an office or bathroom that’s located in a part of the home with a very small window or even no window at all. Incorporate a skylight to brighten it up. On the other hand, skylights also work in rooms with lots of windows. You can never have too much light, right?

A+ Aesthetics

There’s no denying that skylights are gorgeous. They demand the attention of any room they’re placed in, and for good reason. Not only are skylights beautiful themselves, but they open your room up to the sky, which adds an open, airy vibe to any space.


If you opt for a venting skylight, you can enjoy fresh air that comes through when you open it up. Just make sure it’s within reach so you can take full advantage of the venting function. Venting is especially key for rooms that don’t get much fresh air, so keep that in mind when planning where you’ll put your skylight.


High Cost

Putting in a skylight is definitely an investment. They’re expensive to install, to maintain and they can also increase your energy bills. Of course, this depends on the type of skylight you choose to go with. Investing in Velux skylights (sold through Gentek) can actually increase the energy efficiency of your house and reduce your energy bills!

Potential Furniture Damage

When strong UV rays shine into your home they have the potential of discolouring and damaging your furniture. Invest in a skylight that’s laminated or tempered glass with low-e or tinted coating. This will protect your furniture from UV rays and heat that could damage it.

Potential Roof Leaks

If you don’t invest in a high quality skylight, you might be in for roof leaks which can cause major damage to your home. Make sure you’re not buying skylights that are glazed with plastic – they wear out quickly and become discolored. To avoid roof leaks, make sure there’s a curb installed. A curb is a raised watertight lip that deflects water. A good quality skylight with a curb should divert any roof leaks.

If you’re thinking of installing a skylight, investing in a high quality skylight is the only way to go. Velux skylights are available through Gentek, so visit your local retailer to assess which model is right for your home!

Winter Checklist for Your Home

Winter’s on its way and there’s nothing we can do but be prepared. The colder months bring wind, snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures, so fall is the perfect season to winterize your home before it gets too cold. From protecting your pipes from freezing, to checking your windows and doors for air leaks, use this winter checklist to make sure your home is ready for winter this year!

1. Test Your Heating System

Check your heating system by the end of October at the latest to make sure it’s running smoothly. Turn your thermostat to heat mode and raise the temperature at least 10 degrees higher than it currently is. Make sure you can hear the heating equipment turn on (it should start within a few minutes).

Test the temperature of the room with a thermometer after about 15 minutes. If the temperatures aren’t reading the same, it could be time for a new thermostat. Also, make sure to clear any obstacles away from your heating vents so the warm air can circulate easily through your house.

2. Check Your Windows and Doors

Check your windows and doors thoroughly for leaks and cracks. If cold air starts leaking in, it can significantly increase your heating bills, not to mention cause drafts on a cold winter day. On a windy fall day, close your windows to check for air leaks. They typically occur at the edges, sides, or where one unit meets another. If you notice a leak in your windows or doors, weather-strip them as soon as possible. You may even want to consider investing in a storm door and storm windows for extra weather protection!

3. Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

Burst pipes can be one of the most costly damages to your home, so make sure to do your due diligence to make sure your pipes are protected this winter. If you have exposed piping in uninsulated places such as your attic, at minimum you should be insulating them with a foam insulation. Caulk up crack or holes in your walls to keep cold air away from pipes, and when you’re out of the house, don’t turn the heat down too much. Your pipes need the heat to prevent freezing.

4. Trim the Trees Around Your House

Having big trees on your property is a beautiful thing, but it can become dangerous come wintertime. Long tree branches hanging near your house, roof, or gutters can break from heavy snow and ice and cause major damage to your home. Trim tree branches short enough so that if they broke, they wouldn’t come anywhere near your house.

5. Evaluate Your Roof

The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with in the cold of winter is ice dams on the roof. When heat escapes your home, it can melt and refreeze ice and snow on your roof, causing ice dams, which let water and ice continually build on your roof. Eventually, your roof may weaken and your home could be at risk of further damage. To prevent ice dams, insulate and ventilate your attic to prevent too much heat transfer onto the roof. Also, make sure to check pipes and vents, chimney systems and light fixtures in the attic that may not be insulated.

The best way to prevent your home from damage this winter is being prepared before the snowy season hits. Use this winter checklist to stay on top of your game!

How to Add Value to Your Home By Changing Out Your Windows

If you’re planning to move out of your current home, the last thing you probably want to do is spend money upgrading it. But what if we told you there are certain updates that will significantly increase the value of your home when you put it on the market? One of the main features that adds value to your home now and when you go to sell is new windows. Here are 4 reasons why replacement windows will increase the value of your home.

1. Curb Appeal

New windows are a sure way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, which can add significant value to your home. Gentek vinyl windows are beautiful, low-maintenance and will last for years to come. They’ll heighten the style and comfort of your home and provide unbeatable performance! If you’re looking for a way to enhance your curb appeal, new vinyl windows are a great solution!

2. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows are more important than ever for homeowners these days. Not only do they help the environment by reducing your energy consumption, they also significantly decrease your energy costs. Doors and windows are often the main source of energy loss in your house, especially if you have older windows. The lower quality design and materials used for older windows may be allowing lots of heat to enter in the summer and escape during the winter, resulting in unnecessary costs. Gentek’s vinyl window selection is energy efficient so you can choose the design that works for your home knowing you’ll be saving on energy.

3. Lower Maintenance

The thing with old windows is that they come with a lot of maintenance. From dealing with drafts to condensation issues, old run-down windows can be a pain. And if your current windows have wood frames, you know how much work goes into sanding and repainting them, not to mention any water damage you may have had to deal with.  Changing out your windows with quality replacement windows means much less maintenance for you and the new homeowners.

4. Let More Light In

High quality windows let more light in and make your home brighter and more comfortable. If you think your home could benefit from capturing more natural light, new windows are the way to go. With energy efficient windows from Gentek you can let more light in without letting in and letting out heat and cold. Plus, natural light also decreases the amount of lights you need to turn on in your home, reducing your energy costs even more!

Changing out your windows is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Check out Gentek’s window selection to choose the ones you love most!

No more fallen gutters with T-Rex!

There are few things more frustrating than coming home to gutters ripped off your home.

Your stress level hits the roof in seconds.

Thankfully, there’s a solution now that will eliminate that entirely: T-Rex continuous hangers!

The T-Rex is equipped with the best gutter protection system in the industry. They’re sturdy, weatherproof and now stress-proof, too!

If you’ve got clogged or warped gutters and need to replace them, you don’t just want to stick up the same thing you’ve got. Don’t repeat the same mistake!

Install a gutter system that is built to last.

Intrigued about how they do it? Let’s geek out a bit. Get your Technical Hat on. We’re going in…

Alu Perf perforation technology

Gutters are supposed to let water flow freely, but debris always gets in the way, especially if you’re not cleaning it regularly.

The Alu Perf technology features perforations of 7/64 in. (2.8 mm) in diameter distributed across the entire surface of the gutter protection system, thereby allowing for drainage that can handle outpours of 29.7 in. (755 mm) of water an hour.

Roll Back technology

Gutters can sometimes overflow during heavy rains, which is a real hassle for homeowners. Water spillage can damage flowerbeds, create puddles and even seep into the building structure.

The Roll Back technology solves all of these problems by keeping water inside the gutter, even when heavy rain comes down from the roof.

Acting as a barrier, the elevated roll-back feature protects your home at all times and in all conditions by keeping water inside the gutter.

Winter-Shield Technology

When constructing a house or a building, you obviously need to ensure that the structure can withstand changes in temperature and weather conditions it will face in all seasons.

Gutters must be subject to the same quality standards, since they will be under great pressure in winter.

A conventional gutter left open during the winter will inevitably fill with snow and ice. In the spring, freezing and thawing inside the gutter can cause bending and twisting.

T-Rex Winter-Shield technology prevents such damage and ensures the durability of your storm drainage system. Due to its extremely strong and antirust composition, Winter-Shield allows snow to settle on top of the gutter without filling the cavity.

As a result, snow and ice can flow when thawing occurs, preventing the return of melt water into the roof of your home.

T-Rex will instantly protect your home against damage that water infiltration could cause.

UV Protector

A silicone sealant is inside each gutter that allows it to remain very tight.

But did you know that UV rays from the sun can crack this sealer? A cracked sealer leads to drying of the silicone joints inside the gutter and cracks lead to leaks in gutter corners.

The solution to this problem is to install T-Rex. In fact, T-Rex plays a protective role by blocking the sun with its shading effect.

Anti-Infiltration Effect

The T-Rex continuous hanger is installed with self-sealing screws, which are its main feature, as well as seals. This helps prevent water infiltration in the roof fascia and therefore prevents rotting.

In addition to these innovative technologies, the overlapping installation and continuous foldback contribute to T-Rex’s incredible robustness and flawless performance. Find out why T-Rex is the best choice on the market.

What should you do?

If you go outside and see that your gutters are warped, jammed with years of debris and dirt and need to be replaced, you have one job: get T-Rex.

Avec T-Rex, fini les gouttières qui tombent!

Il y a peu de choses plus frustrantes que de rentrer à la maison et de voir les gouttières de votre maison arrachées.

Votre niveau de stress grimpe en flèche en quelques secondes.

Heureusement, il y a maintenant une solution pour éliminer entièrement ce genre de situation : le système de fixation continue pour gouttières T-Rex!

Le système T-Rex offre le meilleur système de protection de gouttières de l’industrie. Il est robuste, résistant aux intempéries et, maintenant, également antistress!

Si vos gouttières sont bouchées ou déformées et que vous devez les changer, vous ne voulez sûrement pas simplement les remplacer par la même chose. Ne répétez pas la même erreur!

Installez un système de gouttières qui est conçu pour durer.

Intrigué sur la façon dont ça fonctionne? Laissons un peu ressortir notre côté technophile. Mettez votre chapeau technique. Nous allons entrer dans …

la technologie de perforation Alu Perf

Les gouttières sont supposées laisser l’eau s’écouler librement mais, souvent, des débris les obstruent et les empêchent de le faire, surtout si vous ne les nettoyez pas régulièrement.

Grâce à la technologie Alu Perf, des perforations de 2,8 mm (7/64 po) de diamètre sont réparties sur toute la surface du système de protection de gouttières, permettant ainsi au système de drainer 755 mm (29,7 po) d’eau par heure.

la technologie Roll Back

Les gouttières peuvent parfois déborder lors de fortes pluies, ce qui est un véritable casse-tête pour les propriétaires. Les débordements d’eau peuvent endommager les platebandes, créer des flaques d’eau et même causer des infiltrations d’eau dans la structure du bâtiment.

La technologie Roll Back résout tous ces problèmes en retenant l’eau à l’intérieur de la gouttière même lorsqu’une pluie abondante descend du toit.

Agissant comme une barrière, la technologie Roll Back protège votre maison en tout temps et peu importe les conditions en retenant l’eau à l’intérieur de la gouttière.

la technologie Winter-Shield

Lorsque vous construisez une maison ou un bâtiment, vous devez évidemment vous assurer que la structure peut résister aux changements de température et aux conditions météorologiques auxquelles elle devra faire face en toutes saisons.

Les gouttières doivent être assujetties aux mêmes normes de qualité, car elles seront soumises à de fortes pressions en hiver.

Les gouttières classiques laissées ouvertes durant l’hiver se rempliront inévitablement de neige et de glace. Au printemps, le gel et le dégel à l’intérieur de la gouttière peuvent causer une déformation et une torsion de celle-ci.

La technologie Winter-Shield du T-Rex prévient de tels dommages et garantit la durabilité de votre système d’évacuation des eaux pluviales. À cause de sa composition extrêmement robuste et de sa résistance à la rouille, le système T-Rex permet à la neige de se déposer sur la gouttière sans en remplir la cavité.

Par conséquent, la neige et la glace peuvent s’écouler lors du dégel, empêchant ainsi les eaux de fonte de remonter vers le toit et de s’infiltrer par le toit de votre maison.

Le système T-Rex protégera instantanément votre maison contre les dommages causés par l’infiltration d’eau.

Protection contre les rayons UV

Un scellant au silicone est utilisé sur les joints à l’intérieur de chaque gouttière pour en assurer l’étanchéité.

Mais, saviez-vous que ce scellant peut sécher et se fissurer sous l’effet des rayons UV du soleil? Par conséquent, les joints au silicone à l’intérieur de la gouttière peuvent sécher et se fissurer et ces fissures causent des fuites dans les coins de la gouttière.

La solution à ce problème est l’installation d’un système T-Rex. En fait, le T-Rex joue un rôle protecteur en bloquant les rayons du soleil grâce à son effet d’ombrage.

Effet anti-infiltration

Le système de fixation continue T-Rex est installé avec des vis auto-scellantes qui sont une de ses principales caractéristiques. Elles aident à empêcher l’eau de s’infiltrer dans la bordure de toit et en empêche donc la pourriture.

En plus de ces technologies novatrices, l’installation chevauchante et le repli continu contribuent à l’incroyable robustesse et à la performance sans faille du système T-Rex. Découvrez pourquoi le système R-Rex est le meilleur choix sur le marché.

Que devriez-vous faire?

Si vous allez à l’extérieur et que vous constatez que vos gouttières sont déformées, obstruées par des années d’accumulation de débris et de saletés, si bien qu’elles doivent être remplacées, il ne vous reste qu’une chose à faire : vous procurer un système T-Rex.

Pour plus d’informations, cliquez ici.

Foolproof Colours for Your Home Exterior

Everyone knows the feeling of seeing a house that makes them swoon. A major part of what catches your eye is the colours the homeowners chose. Choosing the right colours for your home exterior can be a fun (yet challenging) task. The colour of your siding, front door, shutters and trim should compliment each other, coming together to create a work of art! Today’s exterior trends are all about keeping it classic and sophisticated with a pop of personality. So how exactly do you choose the perfect colours for your exterior? Let’s dig in!

Stunning Siding

Since your siding covers the majority of your house, and is also the biggest investment, it’s the ideal starting point for colour choice. Your siding needs to work with everything from your landscaping to your chimney colour to your neighbours’ exterior hues, so do some research before diving in. Neutrals like grays and whites are often your best bet for siding, as well as brick-like colours. Some great options from Gentek’s World of Colour would be Dover Gray, Storm, Taylor Red, White and Sage.

Pretty Trim

Next up, it’s time to choose your trim colour. Your trim should contrast yet compliment your siding. Some homeowners opt to go with the same colour trim as their siding, but we would advise against that. Using the same, or a very similar colour can make your house look flat and unexciting. On the other hand, you don’t want it to look too out-there either. Choose a trim colour that’s a few shades lighter than your siding, but still in the same colour family. Consider colours like Snow White, Bright White or Pearl. One exception is if you choose to go with white siding. In that case it’s okay to use the same colour for the trim, or go with a darker colour like Slate for contrast!

Striking Accents

Finally, you get to choose your accent colours! Feel free to have a little more fun with the colours you choose for your door and shutters. Reds, blues and blacks are all the rage right now, giving your house a nice pop of personality among the timelessness of your siding and trim. Your accent colors are much easier (and more affordable) to change in a few years, so if you’re worried about getting tired of them or them going out of trend, don’t be! You can always switch them up down the road! Right now, the go-to accent colours for a front door are hues like Coastal Blue, Burgundy, Black, Midnight Surf and Rockwell Blue.

Choosing the perfect colours for your home exterior is a breeze with Gentek’s World of Colour! So what are you waiting for?

Top 10 Deck Ideas for ANY Backyard

If you’re looking for a beautiful and seamless way to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces, a deck is the perfect solution. There’s nothing better than having a place to relax, enjoy nature and company, and watch as the light of the evening turns to night. Your deck should be a cozy, inviting space to enjoy your backyard with your family and friends. Whether you love to entertain or just want to kick it with your family, you can design a deck that works for you. Check out our top 10 deck ideas for any backyard!

1. For the Love of Entertaining

Love to entertain? Design a deck that can comfortably fit your guests and incorporates features that make it ideal for a party. Consider features like an outdoor kitchen, bar cart, tall plants, and lots of seating. To make it even cozier, think of adding pieces such as a fire pit, large outdoor rug and bistro lights so you can party into the night!

2. Fine Dining

It doesn’t get much better than enjoying dinner and wine outside on a gorgeous deck. If you know you’ll be using your deck for outdoor dining, pick out your perfect dining table and make sure your deck fits around it with space to walk around.

3. Master Bedroom Oasis

Picture this: You wake up on the weekend after a nice, long sleep, pour yourself a cup of coffee and head out the door of your bedroom to your backyard oasis. If you have space outside your master bedroom, place a small deck, just big enough for a couple of lounge chairs and a small table. Use it to relax your mornings away with a book and cup of jo.

4. Layer it Up

If you have a modern or contemporary home, a layered, multi-level deck is sure to enhance your backyard space. With different layers of decking you can create a design that encompasses different areas such as a dining space, stairs and a seating space. Get creative with your layers!

5. Go Enclosed   

If you want to get more time out of your deck, opt for an enclosed deck that can withstand the elements. A deck with screening allows you to experience the beauty of the outdoors while staying warm in your enclosed space. It offers you weather protection and will also help keep the bugs out!

6. Sometimes Smaller is Better

If you have a small backyard, don’t fret. A tiny deck can actually make your space feel bigger and more usable. You can add anything from a barbeque to a family-sized table to your small deck, making it a charming and practical addition to your home.  

7. One More Living Space

Not everyone likes to dine outside, but if your family loves to sit out enjoying each other’s company, add some comfortable chairs and make your deck an additional living space for the warmer months.

8. For the Shed

A shed often becomes the focal point of a backyard. To help it stand out, add a petite deck across the entrance. It will act as the perfect stepping stone to your shed, whether it’s used for storage or your kids’ hang out space!

9. Curve It

If you want to add visual interest to your backyard, a curved deck is one of the best ways to do it. Especially if you have a home with sharp angles, a curved deck will help balance and soften your design.

10. Freestanding Charm

Decks don’t always have to be attached to the home. If you have a large backyard, consider placing a freestanding deck in an eye-catching area of your yard. Let it merge with the surroundings, blending into big trees in the background.

We hope that these 10 deck ideas will help you get your creative juices flowing when designing your perfect deck! Now, get to it!

Introducing: Gentek’s New Visualizer

It’s never been easier to visualize your upcoming home renovation than it is now! In collaboration with Renoworks Software Inc., we recently updated the Gentek Visualizer for easier use, mobile responsiveness (you can now access the visualizer from any device!), and higher resolution images so you can get a better idea of what your finished design will look like! Wondering just exactly what the Gentek Visualizer is and how you can use it to design your dream home exterior? Let’s dig in!

What is the Gentek Visualizer?

You can think of the Gentek Visualizer as a one-stop shop for all your visual remodeling needs! It’s an online tool that allows you to take a realistic look at the final design of your construction/remodeling project using Gentek’s extensive portfolio of building products. From vinyl, aluminum and steel siding, to entrance doors, trim, and other accessories, you can quickly and easily see what your finished design will look like with your chosen materials and colours. Choose from sample homes that emulate the most popular home designs, or upload a photo to see exactly what the outcome will look like on your very own home!

Amazing Just-Launched Features

We’re so excited to announce a few new amazing features for the Gentek Visualizer that were recently launched! The upgraded mobile responsiveness is key to ease for homeowners who want to see their design anywhere, any time and with any device. You can now pull your design up on your phone, iPad, laptop or desktop at your convenience. Plus, you have higher resolution images, giving you an enhanced and more realistic view of the design details you choose.

It’s now easier than ever to select your ideal colour and design with the new colour palettes with pre-selected Gentek product and colour combinations. There’s also an enhanced user interface and easier product navigation, making it a breeze for anyone to use! This amazing service valued at $15 is free until October 31, 2018, so try it before the launch period ends! All we need is 3-5 business days and we’ll send you over a link with your photo ready to use in the visualizer! After that you can design to your heart’s desire, adding products and colour designs until you achieve the perfect look.

If it’s time for you to remodel your home, the Gentek Visualizer will help you achieve the look you want with its amazing new features! Try it now for free and see how you can transform your house into the one of your dreams!

Distinction Siding: The Look of Real Siding Without the Maintenance

When it comes to choosing the right siding for your home, there are a number of things to keep in mind. From the look, to the material, to the upkeep, the siding you choose will have a big impact on your curb appeal and your lifestyle. Two of the main factors homeowners consider when it comes to siding are the look and maintenance of the siding material. Many want the look of real wood, but realize that in order to maintain it, it will take up a lot of their time and money. Enter: Distinction siding: Maintenance-free siding that replicates the variations of real wood for a natural wood finish! Read all about why Distinction siding is about to become your new favourite!

What Sets Distinction Siding Apart?

Distinction siding offers the unrivaled appearance of wood, without any of the hard work and time to upkeep it. While natural wood siding can become easily discoloured and damaged, and needs considerable maintenance, Distinction siding provides the elegance of maintenance free wood.

Distinction siding is a pre-painted, high strength steel product with no visible screws and unmatched durability, so you never have to worry about its performance. It’s coated with rust-resistant paint that offers long-term durability that won’t fade. You’ll also be happy to know that Distinction siding increases your property value being such a high-quality product, so if you’re putting your home up for sale, or plan to in the future, it’s definitely worth the investment!

Distinctive Design

Depending on your home design, you can choose between horizontal and vertical installation for your Distinction siding to get the look you want! While horizontal siding provides a timeless look for your home, vertical siding adds distinction, giving your home a more unique appearance.

You’ll also have to consider what colour you’ll want for your new siding. Distinction siding is available in three series of colours: Wood Series, Nuanced Wood Series, and Granite Series, and in numerous shades including cedarwood, smoked black, exotic walnut and metallic silver. You can see a list of available colours here, but keep in mind that not all colours are available in all provinces. Take some time to decide on your colour and the direction of the siding planks to ensure your complete satisfaction with your siding project!

If you’re on the hunt for a siding material that does it all, look no further. Distinction siding will give you the look of real wood without the maintenance, and will be a gorgeous addition to your home!